Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Is anyone still reading this?

OK, it's catch up time!

It's been a busy social week so no time for any sensible blogging but I hope to put down something of substance tonight.

Last weekend we went to the local fair with Audrey and her cousins. We watched the parade in the blistering heat, and headed on to the fairground to find some suitable attractions for toddlers. It was actually a lot of fun, mainly because the kids were having a blast, but Martha bumped into a few people she hadn't seen in a dogs age and was able to do some catching up. The children got to stay up way later than they normally would and were high on sweet foods for ages, before we managed to persuade them to go to bed. Lucky for us we didn't have to go anywhere next morning!

On Sunday we shipped ourselves off to Martha's sister's for her daughters' birthday party. That was fun, and we got to hang out with some of my brother-in-laws siblings who we've either not met at all or seen in a long time. The following day we had a lazy morning and after lunch headed off to the water park in town. I never knew you could have so much fun for $1.75! We all got our swimwear on, cooled down and had a lot of fun. Afterwards we munched ice-creams in the park before heading home.

For supper we got in the cars and headed out to Chuck E Cheese. Hmm. Now THAT was an experience! Well, the kids really enjoyed it of course, so I guess that's the main thing - Martha and I hogged this firefighting video game for a good while though which was pretty neat - we finished it in fact, so we can't have been that bad at it...unfortunately we didn't get any tickets from it though, otherwise we may very well have cleaned up on prizes later on. Once again it was another late night for the children.

Today we headed up to a town called Fergus. Mainly just to see what it was like, and to see if it had potential as somewhere to move to. It's a very pretty town, openly proud of its Scottish roots, and has a mad geriatric man who doesn't look in his rearview mirror when he reverses in his car. Yes, we very nearly got our new car smucked today! Anyway, that little mishap aside it is a really beautiful area, and I could well imagine us going back if only to walk the trails.

After that we had a spot of lunch and headed home. We again went off the beaten track to see if there were any nice towns or villages and it was rather pleasant but took longer than it probably would normally.

Anyway, that's the condensed version of the last few days. Oh and as an aside, Martha just bought the new CD by the band Muse called "Black Holes and Revelations". I've not heard it all the way through yet but so far it's bloody good. I've never really been into Muse, but I have to say there are some stonking tracks on this album. I can only think of it as some sort of rocked out crazy mix of Queen, New Order and Pet Shop Boys. It's VERY rock and my initial reaction was that it sounded like Queen (and I don't mean in a "The Darkness sounds like Queen" way thank goodness!). Top stuff anyway!

Hi, Gabby! Glad to hear you're doing well. :)
Um HELLO!!! Yes I'm still reading you silly! I should ask you the same question!

sounds like you guys have been busy little bees lately. i wish you'd hurry up and find a job and settle down so you could get back to a normal pace! Wait - that sounded selfish of me. Sorry. I still mean it! haha

Glad you guys didn't get your car "smucked". I've never quite heard it put that way. Funny to read.
stonking tracks? I've never heard that term before! Ha ha ha! I like it!
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