Thursday, August 03, 2006


Am I a Blog of Note?

Has anyone ever been featured in that "Blogs of Note" section you see when you login to Blogger? How do you get yourself on there? Not that I consider my blog to be "all that" but I just wondered. I never look at any of the blogs listed there anyway.

Yesterday was probably the hottest day we've had since we moved here. I like it but then I have an air conditioned house to protect me from the worst of the heat for most of the time. Nevertheless the fine weather really does improve my mental well being.

Last night I finally got around to applying for a few jobs. Nothing spectacular but we'll keep looking and see what pans out. Martha has an interview today but we're neither of us sure if it's a terribly genuine lead for her.

Not much else is new otherwise.

You are a blog of note to me! I've never checked out the blogs of note either. I don't want to follow the crowd...
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