Friday, July 28, 2006


Update me, update me!

I know it's been a while since I updated. Life just isn't allowing me the time to blog lately.

This time it's visitors. My sister-in-law and her two daughters have been up this week and staying with us and we have put up makeshift beds in the living room which means no nighttime access to the computers...hence no blogging or job searching.

Also this weekend we will be with them for a few days, so come Tuesday things might be back to normal...

Martha and I are also working on a solution where we hook up both Macs in a sort of makeshift network so we can possibly both surf at the same time. Yes, it'll be hellishly slow, but it's better than nothing.

Not much is new anyway so I doubt very much you'll get anything of substance from me until life becomes a little more settled regarding jobs and the like.

On the plus side, it would appear I have ordered tickets for the Pet Shop Boys concert in Toronto this coming October. That should be fun, but have yet to see the tickets which cost me somewhat more than I expected. Just feeling a little nervous about that!

Well, I need to get on! Over and out!

It would appear that you bought tickets? That line struck me funny.
If it's ticketmaster, it takes awhile! Have fun at the show East End Boy. Hope you get a little income coming in soon. That will eliminate a ton of stress.
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