Monday, July 24, 2006


Maximum Warp Mister Sulu!

Well, not quite. We're not quite running on all thrusters yet, but we do finally have our own access to the internet, albeit a dial-up connection. At least it's at home and we're back on the Mac, so there's an air of familiarity to it all, and you never know, I might start browsing blogs again soon.

I've decided not to bother looking back at old entries though - I'll simply be here all year reading back on what you've all been up to. Doubtless I've missed a lot, but never mind, I'll just have to live with that.

We've also signed up to Skype and have a swanky phone for it too. Not really tried it out properly yet since we don't really know anyone who uses it, and with dial-up it doesn't work as well I hear. However, if it works OK it should make calling the folks back home much cheaper, and hopefully they'll sign up to it too so we can call for free.

Pretty much everything is in order now. Once we find jobs that'll be that and we can start to think about settling down properly. It's been nice to have an extended holiday, but the money, whilst not exactly running out, gets whittled away and you wish you weren't eating into your savings.

Martha's uncle was the person selling the car on behalf of a guy who he has power of attorney over. This poor chap is now sadly in a home and Martha's uncle has the unfortunate task of selling off his stuff. Luckily for us he had a car that he needed to sell and it was going for much less than any listed price we saw for the same. It also had very low mileage for its age, so we had a look and decided it would make a good first car without breaking the bank at Monte Carlo. As I said before, far from our first choice, but for now it's all good.

Otherwise very little has been going on. Most days we're interchanging between playing with Audrey, tarting up the house, making food, doing a few chores, grocery shopping, and generally mincing around. Today I was out in the field flying my kite, before I realised the sun was a bit hot and I was probably getting sunburn, and decided it was a better idea to get inside with the aircon instead.

Now I'm up and running I promise I'll get around to emailing all of you that I should be emailing. Some of you I already have done so, but hopefully things will improve a bit now and I get get around to emailing everyone. Might even squeeze in some time to IM!

A quick public thankyou to Garry for the Dr.Who episodes! Martha and I watched them all and thoroughly enjoyed them! Any chance you can do that for the upcoming Christmas episode too???!

Anyway, that people is my lot for tonight! I can't promise regular blogs still, but they should be more frequent now.

I was so surprised to see your comment pop up while I was cleaning out my email this morning! I'm glad things are starting to settle down. Now if you could just find a pesky job.

Don't bother reading up on my old posts. They are just sad and depressing. Onward and upward!
Yay! Welcome back to Blobland!!
I just popped on to do a little update of my own and thought I better say HI to my faithful readers. Good luck with your job hunts and your life in general! Hopefully, if I get the job mentioned on my blog, I'll be able to have internet at home and will be able to keep in touch! Take care!
Sure I can sort out the Christmas episode as well, moy a problem. Dr Who is a CBC / BBC co-production though and I know last year the Christmas special aired on Boxing Day over there. Still, if it doesn't this year I can easily pop it across to you!
Well you missed me having three children, they are in college now! J/K. Glad to hear that you at last have your own access to the net. Hope you are having a great week!
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