Saturday, July 22, 2006


I'm still rolling along...

Yes, I am still alive - again.

It's been quite a busy week and with little or no internet access there simply hasn't been time to visit anyones blogs and no time to write anything for myself. It's a shame really because I have a lot to say too!

Southern Sweetheart - hopefully that answers your question. I would have emailed you but I lost your email address and there's a ton of addresses I keep meaning to transfer across from our computer and never do find the time...I know it's in there somewhere. Drop me an email ( and I guarantee I'll reply! That pretty much goes for anyone reading this!

We finally bought a car. Long story which I'd love to tell you but don't have time, but it's a 2002 Chrysler Sebring - not even remotely our first choice of car, but if you heard the story you'd realise why we bought it.

Still no jobs, but internet access would help in that regard. I simply don't have the time while using my father-in-laws computer! Hopefully next week we'll be fully up and running.

It's taken a while, but we're getting there!

Over and out!

Don't worry about reading our blogs, we've all been spreading malicious gossip about you so it's as well you haven't seen what's been written about you :P

Glad to hear all is well, I've barely been blogging let alone emailing with the dissertation and the other project needing to be in next week, but I'll get in touch at some point, I'm not ignoring you.

Happy motoring in your new car!
Good luck on your job search. And you know that we will all want a full report later.


How's Canada treating you? Better learn some hockey terminology! I always loved the little maple leafs on the McDonalds wrappers & cups!
Hang in there, Gabby!
I left you a comment here yesterday but blogger ate it. It was something about helping Ann spread rumors. It was really good. You can believe that!
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