Thursday, July 13, 2006


I'm still alive!

I'm still here.

I haven't been blogging much simply because most of my time spent online has been looking for jobs and a car. In the evenings we're relaxing watching Firefly on DVD - Martha's parents are now hooked on it!

In the daytime we've been fixing up the house we're living in for the time being - Martha's grandparents house. Should be moved in tomorrow, but as it's only temporary (we assume for now anyway) we're not putting too much effort into decorating. However, it is looking more like a home, and soon we should have our own phone line and internet connection!

Sorry I've not been able to keep up with anyones blogs this week. I hope you're all doing OK.

I'll check in again when I can.

Whew, you are still alive and kicking.

Good luck with the job hunting!
Yay! More Firefly converts!

We've missed the scrabble games. :(

At least those pages load fairly quickly on dial-up.

(yes, I'm still pouting)

You can't stay away so long! The net and the blogging world as we know it is collapsing! We need your super human blogging abilities to help save us all!
Don't worry, you've missed nowt in Ann World! Good luck with the job hunting.
I hope you're doing well, Gabby! :)
I was wondering how my friend could save a fortune on her credit cards. Now I too have the secret.
Glad to hear that things are slowly coming together for you guys. The first couple of months are always hard. I am busy too and haven't been blogging as much as I had before. We are trying to buy a house, quite the endevor for these first time home buyers : )
Been missing you dude. And just so you know, I'm getting a complex - you never visit me or email anymore - what's up?
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