Wednesday, July 05, 2006


"I'm livin' in a box"

The container arrived today!

Yes, our "life in a 20ft box" rolled into the farmyard at about 10am this morning. It was a strange moment seeing it for the first time since we watched it driving off down the road back in Leicestershire.

In total we were six people helping to unload, plus my FIL's rather handy "cage" on the back of his tractor, and we knocked it all out in an hour and a half! Much of it we left outside because the weather allowed for it, just to make sure we got the driver away quickly. Then after a spot of lunch we moved everything inside the house.

As I anticipated this has kind of made the move more real for me. Just seeing our belongings so far away from "home" cements the idea that we're here for good. There really is no turning back now - not without going to a lot of time, trouble and cost anyway and I'm not about to put myself through that again in a hurry.

We finished the day with a well deserved beer and takeaway pizza, although we're planning to head across to the house later to move things around, once we get Audrey off to bed.

Today has been a good day.

Last night we fetched Martha from the train station after her trip to Toronto. She's signed up to an agency who will hopefully get her some work. She said it was a good excercise anyway, because she was able to find out what her salary expectations should be for her line of work (up until now she had no idea what she could earn as an artworker) and found out that some of the words she's been using in her work in the UK are completely different to those used here.

I guess the next few days will be spent going over to the house and getting things into a liveable state. We're very fortunate that we have somewhere to stay while we get the house we are living in to a state we want. It's still only a temporary arrangement so we aren't planning to unpack everything, but we need to get it to a point where we are happy and comfortable until we find our way with jobs and see what part of the country that takes us to.

Anyway, that's my lot for tonight! I'm off for a well deserved glass of whisky!

Yay! I'm glad you got your stuff. It has got to be a huge relief! The place your staying is temp. You have another move in the future? ARG! I've been there. That stinks!
Glad you got your stuff. I hope it all was in tact. You'll adjust to the move, it just takes some time.
Excellent news that it all arrived in one piece and the Scousers at Liverpool Docks didn't nick anything!!
Hope you're drinking Canadian Club now that you're here ;)
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