Saturday, July 08, 2006


Hey Mister DJ!

Here it is! My first Garageband composition which I've called "Funky Electric Guitar", so called because of the names of hooks I stole from Garageband to create it.

It runs about 6 minutes in length and I know it wont be to everyones taste so be gentle with me. This really was my first ever attempt at making a tune in Garageband.

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Funky dude!
I really want to listen to it straight through, but it keeps playing choppy. I'm trying to give it time to load, but it doesn't seem to be making much difference.

One more con to using LJ, you can't embed things like this player. =(
Patience is a virtue. I finally gave it enough time to load.

And wow!
ILY, when are you releasing your first album? I want to get in line. =)
I haven't listened yet but I'll come back and do it. I'm watching BB online right now. :) I have no doubt it's fantastic though.
Listened to a bit of it while getting ready for work, sounds good!
hey gabby, mind blowing one... funky and it's rocking man... great work...
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