Friday, June 23, 2006


"We're S.H.O.P.P.I.N.G."

The last day or so have been pretty blah. In fact I don't think I can account for the time spent terribly well. I've been relaxing possibly a little too much for someone who is essentially jobless and homeless.

Did some preliminary surfing for jobs last night which was disheartening, but Martha has had more success and managed to email her resume to a few people already.

Meanwhile I have instead opted to do some retail therapy online. I've pre-ordered the various formats for the next
Pet Shop Boys single, "Minimal" which has become one of my favourite songs from the new album, and also has an excellent remix version on the bonus CD Fundamentalism. What tends to happen is I rapidly go off any songs they release as singles, I guess because they then enter the mainstream, and I prefer the obscurity of their album tracks. My biggest worry is that my orders will get delayed or even stopped because the mailing address (Canada) doesn't match up with the billing address (UK). One of the CD singles also contains some software which allows you to remix the song yourself which sounds pretty cool. How much d'you want to bet it's for Windows PC's only?

On that note, we also just ordered a computer online. Yes, it's a Mac. A 17" Macbook Pro to be exact which we've RAM'ed up. Again, I'm concerned they'll stop the order because of the credit card being UK and the delivery address being in Canada. However, we've realised we need another computer and fast, even though the old one is on its way on the ship and should work here no problem we wont be seeing it any time soon, and a laptop seemed like a good idea for Martha since she could potentially be doing freelance artworking.

No news on our cars. My parents have gone away to Paris for a long weekend for their ruby wedding anniversary, so were not contactable about it. I guess we wont know if they sold until Tuesday of next week.

Looks like it'll cost us the best part of C$500.00 to insure ourselves for the next three months with a decent health plan. Martha's wondering if we should even bother, but like all insurance it's always the "what if..." factor that nags at the back of your mind.

I liked the personalised plates suggestions from yesterdays blog. I'll have to go away and have a think about those. And to MyUtopia, no we're not in Windsor although we're fairly close by. To be honest we're in the middle of effing nowhere - whenever I'm staying at my in-laws I find my sense of direction, which is usually spot on, goes completely out of whack. I literally have no idea whether I'm facing north, south, east or west, which direction I'm travelling in, or where some places are in relation to others. No joke, I actually resort to looking at where the sun is in the sky to figure out my bearings!

Bon weekend everyone!

One of the CD singles also contains some software which allows you to remix the song yourself which sounds pretty cool. How much d'you want to bet it's for Windows PC's only?

Considering the problems I've had with their website before, yeah... Buuuut you might want to look into DLing Boot Camp from Apple. It lets you dual boot OS X and Windows. An Intel MacBook Pro would be able to handle that.
I have plans to do that with my next Mac.

Minimal is one of my favs as well. I like both versions that you shared with me and abuse them by playing them much more than I should. =P

Hoping your weekend is a good one and that you can learn to keep your sense of direction, even around the In-Laws.
While Boot Camp may work well, it is still Beta software and unsupported - if you have ANY problems with the MBP (I'm sooooo jealous!) then Apple won't care while you're dual booting using Boot Camp - you WILL be asked to uninstall.

Much better is parallels which allows you to run windows as a guest OS inside a sandboxed environment. While not free, it is (IMHO) infinitely preferable, especially as you can have both OS's running at the same time.

Another thing to note (and it's in the email I sent as well) is that Photoshop is NOT Universal yet. Martha will probably struggle with that as it will have to be run using Rosetta (the PPC emulation tech in Intel OSX) and it won't be anything like as fast as you may want it to be... However, once CS3 comes out then the MBP is the place to be! :-)

WRT the health insurance - I guess you have to weigh up your attitude to the risk something could happen in the 3 months. If it does (God willing, it won't) then you will regret not having the insurance. I spent 5 days of a holiday in hospital in BC - that cost $20,000 but was covered by my travel insurance.

My attitude to the risk would be that spending $500 is better than spending potentially LOTS more.
When we first moved to Canada we had to wait the 3 months for OHIP to kick in, and we decided not to buy insurance in the mean time because we were all very healthy. It was probably the wrong thing to do but it worked for us.
It sounds like wilderness where you are, I'd find it very disconcerting having no way of getting my bearings, that's what GPS is for :)

Good luck with the job hunting!
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