Sunday, June 18, 2006


The Slowest "Quick Update" Ever

Well, we made it!

We loaded our container on Wednesday and said goodbye to our lives as it drove down the road never to be seen again - well for a few weeks anyway hopefully.

Then we flew to Canada on Saturday. A good flight, a smooth route through immigration and here we are enjoying the lovely sunny and hot weather.

There was a lot of stuff in between, mostly frantic cleaning of our old house, interspersed with cars that wont sell, and vans that wont work, but I'll have to save that for another time as I'm afraid I am in dial-up internet hell at the moment.

I daren't even check on everyones blogs because I'll be here until Christmas doing that alone. I will get to you all as soon as I can, but I don't expect it to be anytime soon.

I'll update when I can and I am checking my email often. Byee!

Hooray - glad you made it, knew you would! Keep us posted how you are settling into your new life.
Whooo Hoooo!!! You made it! Glad to hear it. Keep us posted how things are going.
So glad to hear that you made it! I look forward to another post. :)
Ditto what everyone else said!
Hope you get some Broadband soon! :) I feel your pain...
Welcome to our neck of the woods, eh!
Glad to hear you've safely arrived. Good luck with the unpacking and settling in.
I'm so happy things went so smoothly and I hope they continue to go as smoothly.

I'm glad you arrived safely. Now we just need to worry about your stuff.....just teasing. I'm looking forward to regular updates.
I'm glad the trip was uneventful. :)

Keep us up to date on the job, house, etc hunts!!

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