Monday, June 26, 2006


A slow day

Nothing much new today.

Martha and I went for a nice walk tonight, leaving Grandma to babysit. On our walk we saw three deer just mooching around on the road. They ran off into the fields when we got close bouncing over the corn with their big white tails behind them! Cute! I wished I brought the camera. We also saw some fireflies when we got toward the end of our walk. Aren't they brilliant?!

I have a couple of nasty mosquito bites on my left leg just below my knee. Hopefully they'll be somewhat better tomorrow, but right now they look pretty bad - worse than anything I've ever had before. I guess the little bloodsuckers found a good spot to feast!

Scott and Julia asked me what car we were thinking of be honest we don't really know. We obviously want something child friendly. We are thinking initially something Japanese like a Honda or Toyota. We're steering clear of GMC and Ford. Bear in mind that Martha knows quite a bit about VW's from her former work and we owned a Mercedes and a Daihatsu previously (we may still own them if they didn't sell last week!). I don't madly want anything too small either but there again I don't especially want a big gas guzzler either. Something in between then I suppose...

Anyway, I've got nothing else for you today so goodnight!

If your area has misquitoes half as bad as they were in Alaska, you may need to stock up on DEET.

Good luck finding a new set of child-friendly wheels.
I've only owned Fords before, and you are WISE to steer clear of them. =P
We are researching cars as well. We love our Toyota Corolla but we need a little more room for the kids now that my daughter is getting older. Never had any trouble with any of the toyota's we've owned but we've been intrigued with the price of the Hyundai's. Great price lots of extras AND a terrific warantee. It seems we're in the same boat Gabby!
Thanks for updating on how the admin part of the move is going, such as OHIP and licenses - very useful stuff!
I can't wait until I live in a nieghborhood that I can walk in!
Honda, Honda, Honda! We have two (Accord and CRV) and we love them.
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