Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Red tape

Firstly, thanks for all your messages on the last post. As I said, dial-up doesn't really allow me the time to comment back individually or visit your blogs too much, so just bear with me for now.

As expected I've been eaten alive by mosquitoes the last couple of days. Fresh blood for the pesky little rascals.

We're just in the process of sorting out a few essentials...namely my social insurance number, and health cards for myself and Audrey. Martha is also taking the opportunity to update her records which haven't been changed since before we got married! We are also going to sort out driving licences shortly...thankfully we don't have to retake any tests - it's just a case of swopping our UK ones to Ontario ones. If you knew how many times it took to pass my UK test you'll realise how much of a relief that is!

We've already popped into the bank and the money we sent over is definitely here! We haven't done anything rash yet - it's sitting in an account not dissimilar to the one it was in in the UK which is fine for now until we figure out whats best for it. We also want to set up some credit cards which isn't going to be a problem although Martha and I don't have any credit history here which means we won't get a huge credit limit on it to start with. I did sort out a reference letter with my UK bank which the nice lady at the bank said might help, and she suggested we apply for something with a higher limit and see what happens. To be honest I'm not bothered...we don't desperately need a high credit limit, and it will kerb our spending habits now, which is when we most need to.

Anyway, I think I've outstayed my welcome on my father-in-laws computer, so I'd better sign out! Adios!

Hi ich bin Chriswab aus Bottrop. Viele GrĂ¼sse !!
It is good to see that the move is going well and is for the most part unpainfully.
It will be good to see you up and back to normal ... until then I have been combing your archives.
I'm happy to know all is well. Glad you have your money. Money definetly helps!
Glad everything seems to be working out.
You'll get there in the end!

Glad to see things going well in your transition this far!
I hope you can set up things and get the necessities.
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