Friday, June 09, 2006


Quick (and final?) Update

Martha sold our TV today! Goodbye 36inch widescreen WILL I watch Doctor Who tomorrow - and it's the second of a bloody 2 parter as well!?

Our cars and some other less important items are up for sale now too...may have some interest in my car already!

Work was OK. Kind of blah and uneventful. I really do hope they can cope without me, but after three days away my desk looked like a bomb had hit it. Maybe I'm just anal about keeping a tidy desk. Anyway, I tried not to care too much - they need to work it all out for themselves.

Tomorrow we are swimming and making one final pilgrimage to The Haywaggon restaurant for lunch with my parents. They are then taking Audrey away for the rest of the weekend so Martha and I can get on with some serious packing.

Cough seems to be much better after a full day of antibiotics. I just spoke on the phone to a good friend and my throat got kind of dry and the cough flared up again, but to be honest I haven't had to speak to anyone at any great length since this cold began. I'm sure I just overdid it a bit.

Anyway, that, as they say, is that. Unless by some miracle of timetravel I find myself able to blog again between now and Wednesday (when we shall officially be without a computer) I am going to call it quits here until I reach Canada. Hopefully my father-in-law will allow me a few moments to update every now and then until we get ourselves our own computer set up.

So I'll say bye-bye for now and I hope to see you on the other side!

Bon voyage Gabby, Martha and Audrey. Let us know how you get on.
Farewall for now my friend. I hope you guys get everything packed up and that you get moved over here without a glitch! I'm sure everything will go well and rest assured knowing we'll be here with the light on waiting for your return! :) Take care.
We'll welcome you to our side of the world when you get here, Gabby. Hope you can make oot the local accent, eh.
Good luck Gabby and Fam!!!! We'll see you again once you get to this side of the world!

Thank you everybody! We'll be sure to let you know how it went just as soon as I can!
Sounds like everything is coming together. Hope you get everything you need sold, sold.
Looks like I'm on the wrong blog.Anyway I found it very useful.You may visit my new Perfumes blog if you like.
You probably won't see this since it's now the 13th and all. I hope your move goes smooth and you get settled in safely. I'll look forward to your return.
I hope the trip to Canada goes well! Can't wait for your report!
You guys are currently 'in air' and I'm looking at it on a flight tracker--Yes I'm sad! :) I'm sorry I didn't chat with you before you left, this week was a crazy week for me but I know you needed some space as well...I can't imagine what this last week has been like for you. My heart has been heavy because our friends have left but I'm happy for you that you had the guts to actually jump ship! Send us an email when you get settled....
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