Sunday, June 25, 2006


No, I am not homesick...but...

Not much to report from the weekend.

However, I've been kind of thoughtful today about one or two things. Today was my Mum and Dad's 40th (Ruby) wedding anniversay. I'm a bit sad I wasn't there to celebrate, but in the end they opted to spend a long weekend in Paris rather than have a big party, which I think is much more their style anyway and they probably had a much better time than they would have if we'd had a ton of friends and relatives over. I guess we'll save that for thier 50th! Anyway, Happy Anniversary Mum and Dad!

I also received an email from a friend today reminding me that I had missed out on a rather good stag party for a mutual old schoolfriend in London last weekend and that I will also be missing the wedding next week which is in Poland. Whilst my excuses for not being able to be at either are pretty good, I'm annoyed with the timing. I'd have loved to be able to go to the wedding and spend some time in Poland, a country I've never visitied before, but also it's not to be. To be fair, this friend didn't manage to make it to my wedding in Canada 9 years ago, and he had a pretty darn good reason too, so I guess we'll call it quits! Nevertheless it's a shame because it really hits home that a group of friends is now cast to several corners of the world and unless some of us make a real effort to visit, we're unlikely to see each other for a considerable amount of time.

The friend who emailed me is now officially my closest in New York! Sigh....

Anyway, another week ahead...the order for the computer got rejected by Apple because as expected they couldn't verify the UK credit card with the Canadian address. We've called an Apple retailer in London (Ontario) and ordered it that way instead. As a result we're actually going to get our mitts on the machine sooner and by some weird miracle it's costing us less than ordering it direct from Apple online. Their loss I guess! So a trip to London (Ontario) later on in the week and we may also look at some car dealers while we're there too. However, we're waiting for references from our motor insurance company in the UK, so thats going to hinder our car search somewhat.

Audrey's got herself a bit of a cough. Not a cold...yet. Last night she was coughing all night. I hit the sack at about 12.30 and she was coughing until beyond 2am. We're sleeping in the same room right now, and I was seriously considering moving to the couch downstairs. We bought some medicine today and she seems better for it, so hopefully a more peaceful night ahead.

Pet Shop Boys are doing some North American dates later this year. As soon as I can I'll be booking tickets for their gig in Toronto in October. I may have no money and no job even then, but I'm buggered if that's going to stop me right now!

Anyway, enough for now. Later!

Aww - it's sad to be missing your friends - but just keep sending emails and hopefully you can stay in touch. And just think - you DO have US - here in blogland. :) And hey - you're closer to most of us now too! haha

I was glad to read your edit a post or so ago regarding haloscan and not being able to comment. I've been missing you over at my place. I'm ready for you to get back to regular blogging - both writing and commenting. I've missed ya!

Hope you and Martha are faring well. Tell her I said hello! And so sorry for taking up so much space here in your comments. I should have just emailed I suppose. Oh well. Too late now!

:) Cheerio!
It's one of those things with friends when they move away. It's bad enough with most of my friends living in Warrington and me being in London, I've missed out on a few do's due to distance and other pressures. The fact I have to be dragged away from London kicking and screaming doesn't help either!

You'll still stay close to your friends, but in some ways it adds a depth to your friendship. Absence makes the heart grow fonder as they say.
hey Gav you gonna have to update your about me too hehe

I am glad you got a better deal from Apple locally(ish)
I know how you feel. When we moved to Louisiana we left all our family far behind. It stings a little when you can't be at family functions or be there for friends big events. *sigh*
When my husband and I moved to Texas it was a huge adjustement. We had no one but eachother. Now we are starting to build strong friendships. We both still get a little homesick, usually in the fall when we are craving a season change. I will be in Detroit in October now instead of July. I'm a little sad about that, since I am feeling a little homesick. Especially for my lakes.
What car are you thinking of buying?
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