Thursday, June 22, 2006


Lots of random stuff

EDIT: Before I start I just want to say to all those with Haloscan commenting that I'm not ignoring you - this darn computer wont let me comment on your blogs! I forget who exactly, but I know for certain Southern Sweetheart and Scott & Julia are affected. Sorry guys!

Last night we were on "Tornado Alert". I guess it was worse in the Detroit area, but soon enough we started seeing the alerts pop up on TV on the Canadian stations too. We got ourselves ready for whatever was coming, prepared ourselves to take to the basement, but nothing came. There was a dose of thunder and lightning and a lot of rain, but that was all - Bienvenue au Canada!

Today we found out that we all have to wait three months before our health cards kick into action. Originally we thought it would only apply to me, but it sounds like it also applies to Martha and Audrey as well. I still haven't insured myself, so I guess it's either don't get sick for three months or insure the whole family until mid-September. Hmmm.

Audrey has been gorging herself on strawberries out of her grandmothers garden. Soon she will turn into a strawberry.

Martha and I checked out the house we're supposed to be moving into temporarily. It's in pretty good shape thanks to my mother-in-law preparing it in the past few weeks. We might give some things a lick of paint and move a few things about in waiting for our container though. Speaking of which, I just got the bills of lading for the container today emailed from my Dad. The ship sails from Liverpool today. My father-in-law has a neat little contraption he calls a "cage" which fits onto the back of his tractor which will be extremely useful for unloading the container when it arrives. It's approximately 5ft X 5ft with a wooden base and can be raised and lowered. Perfect for those heavy items which Dad and I struggled to get INTO the container last week.

Got some good news yesterday from my Dad too - we got our deposit back from the landlords on our old place and it was more money than I expected. We're also waiting on some money back from the water company and our car insurance company.

Martha and I are just in the process of working out what items we need for the house - boring stuff like toaster, kettle and vacuum cleaner. It'll be nice to have new electricals though, especially since all that stuff we had in the UK was pretty old anyway.

I finally got around to emptying my suitcase and putting clothes away. I wasn't sure if we'd be moving across to the other house sooner rather than later, but once Martha started putting stuff in the closet I figured we were going to be staying with the in-laws a while longer. I'm quite glad in a way - I wasn't enjoying dipping into my suitcase every morning for clean clothes, so everything has a place for now anyway.

Yesterday I bought myself a book on the rules of the road in Canada. I mainly wanted to familiarise myself with road signs some of which are quite different to the UK, and a few rules which I knew a little about but wasn't entirely clear on - namely school buses, stop signs and the dreaded four way stop. It only took me an evening to leaf through, and whilst it's mainly common sense it would be easy for someone like me to completely ignore the rules especially relating to those things I just mentioned.

Martha and I are now talking about looking for a car and I guess we should really try to sort that out quite soon. I quite fancy the idea of some personal registration plates - in the UK I kind of hated anyone with them unless they were subtle (as Ann says "W4 NKA" normally springs to mind), but here I feel like it's a bit more acceptable especially since the plate is registered to the person and not the car. I think I'm allowed up to 8 letters so sadly "GABBYTHEGUY" is too long and I wouldn't be surprised if "GABBY" is spoken for already. If you have any good suggestions let me know!

LMAO @ the W4 NKA plate idea! I think it's cute.
One of my friends from London and I have an inside joke were we use 'wanker' as an endearing term.

How many letters do they allow you on your plates? 6-8?
The line about Audrey made me smile. We used to do the same at my grandma's house. We'd eat as many as we brought in!
I'm heading for Detroit next month. They are having a city-wide reuinion asking for all Detroiters from the 40-70's to come and celebrate. I am so excited to finally be going home! So does this mean you are a Windsor man now?
ADRYSDAD (Audrey's Dad)?
DRWHO? ;-)
IBLOGDOU (I blog, do you?)
Glad to see you are having a good time!
Glad things are settling down, call me paranoid but I wouldn't take any chances with your health insurance, you never know...

Happy Canadian motoring!
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