Monday, June 05, 2006


Last Day of Work - Take 1

Today was my official last day of work before the move.

Things started out a little unusually as Martha had some things she wanted to finish up at home before setting off to work so I offered to drop Audrey at our childminders. When I got there our childminder was calling the doctor for an appointment. I have to admit I didn't pay much attention to her symptoms, I was more interested in getting Audrey settled and off to work, but she was clutching her side obviously in some discomfort.

Anyway, I got to work roughly on time, and things started to pan out as they normally do on a Monday morning, then at 10am Martha called me and told me our childminder was going to hospital for X-rays and we needed to pick Audrey up for the rest of the day. Since I was the one who offered to drop Audrey off that morning I was the only one with a child car seat, so I had to drop everything and rush back home to fetch Audrey. I then drove back to work with her in the hopes that I would be able to achieve some work with my Mum doing some baby sitting on the side.

Things didn't go entirely to plan. Audrey was fine for a while, colouring and drawing but she got bored really fast. We distracted her with lunch, but as that needed supervision it didn't allow me to any time to do any work. Mum took her out to the nearby park for a while which allowed me to clean up my computer of some personal dross that wont mean anything to anyone else, but apart from that I didn't do a stitch of work. It was basically impossible.

At 4pm Mum said I might as well take Audrey home and we agreed it had been a complete waste of a day. So I've now rescheduled my official last day of work to this coming Friday. Mind you, I kind of figured I'd be back there once or twice before I left anyway. In between I will be at home, hopefully achieving some packing.

So I drove home and Audrey fell asleep and still is asleep on the couch. I should probably be getting on with something constructive, but when the day's been as much of a write off as it has already, you might as well continue. So blogging it is!

Weekend was good although I'm still carrying this cold around with me - it's now a lovely cough and still a bit of soreness in the throat. Everything else is pretty much back to normal though so I'm pleased about that.

Yesterday we had visitors in the shape of Carla, Garry and their son Jarrod who you may remember we paid a visit to a while back. It was a lovely sunny day, so we were able to enjoy the weather in the park and let Audrey have some fun. Lots of discussion about Canada and the move, and some nice pizza (yes, I finally plucked up the courage to eat some) and some disastrous lasagne (hopefully I didn't singlehandedly manage to poison our guests).

Anyway, I hope they had a nice time with us. It's a real shame we didn't get aquainted sooner as they're lovely people and we do seem to have quite a lot in common, and now we're off to bloody Canada! Nevertheless, I'm all for staying in touch and hopefully we'll be able to meet up somewhere, sometime soon.

Well, I'm getting nervous as the connection to Blogger keeps getting dropped, so I think I'll publish and be damned before I lose all my writing!

You're right, Blogger is certainly being more shite than normal this evening.

Glad the throat's on the mend - I really must see G and C before too long, I promised them a visit in January and I've just been hopeless at organising myself since.

As regards work, at least you're moving thousands of miles rather than a few feet away, so once you've gone that will be the end of it and nobody will be able to bother you about work crap, you lucky person!
Blogger is strange today. I couldn't get to my account to post anything new. I can't comment on everyones blogs either. Some will let me some won't. Is there supposed to be maintenance today?

Sure wish you could shake that cold. It would make things a little easier for you. Did you find out what was wrong with your childminder?

Ann - This cold has been a right nasty comes and goes...I made it through today without any pills and just now I took some Nurofen C&F because I feel like crap. Ugh, just GO AWAY cold! Hey, and don't you think for a second my Dad wont be on the phone across 3000+ miles to ask me how to fix the computers!

OGO - Getting rid of this cold would make things a lot easier...not 100% sure about whats wrong with the childminder, but she's good to go to take Audrey tomorrow!
Sorry things didn't go as well as you had expected. I hope things are goin well with the move.
We are going to Canada in October (I'm the Canadian, my husband is a Brit and the baby doesn't know he's Canadian yet) - would be interested to know how your move has gone and any tips you could pass on! We are waiting for London to process his permanent residency and also for Halifax to do my son's citizenship.
My Utopia - Today's been better! We're getting there...

Emma in London - Hello! Right now we're in the process of packing and our container arrives next week...we leave on June 17th for Toronto. I didn't blog about the move until recently because to be honest we didn't make up our minds entirely until my visa arrived. I didn't want to be all talk and no action. You can follow what happens right here on my blog for the most part, but if you want to know more details you can drop us an email. I'd be happy to share info.
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