Friday, June 02, 2006


I've got the brains, you've got the looks, let's make lots of money.

I've just done one the scariest things I think I will ever do.

I just transferred the vast majority of our life savings to someone in order to be converted into Canadian dollars. The money has evaporated from my account and now I'm just hoping it will reappear at our Canadian account in a few days time. If it doesn't, I've just been swindled out of a substantial sum of money!

I'm also a bit ticked off because about an hour after I'd fixed the agreed exchange rate, it increased by a penny which means we would have scooped more dollars if I'd waited, but it's too late and there's no turning back now.

Martha and I have been watching the Canadian Dollar/Sterling exchange rate for the last few weeks and very annoyingly missed our golden opportunity about a fortnight ago. Since then we've kicked ourselves several times and watched the rate nervously, trying to glean any useful bits of information that might help us pick the right moment to pounce. Finally today we lost our bottle and went for it and now all I can hope is the rate goes out of favour for a while to save me some dignity.

I guess I know why I got such a crap grade in economics A-level at school now! I wouldn't know a bear from a bull if they were both stampeding towards me.

Pizza night is officially cancelled tonight - my throat will simply not take that kind of punishment. Hopefully it'll have improved by tomorrow and we can have pizza night then instead. I'm a bit bummed out by that actually, because I feel better in myself - I have my appetite back and my body doesn't ache, but I still seem incapable of chewing and swallowing properly at the moment. Not sure what we shall have as a replacement supper tonight though - the excitement of bread and soup beckons...

Not much else to say I'm afraid! Have a nice weekend everybody!

You are so brave! I would be terrified to let go of my money. Hey be glad you don't have to transfer it to American Dollars, it currently sucks! Did you ever say, which part of Canada you were moving to? I have spent most of my Canadian time in Ontario since we lived in Detroit.
American $ may suck if you need to change it to GBP ($1 probably buys about 55p) but going the other way is fantastic. Currently we're getting nearly $1.90 to 1 GBP.

Of course, Gabby could have bought a forward contract on the exchange a few days ago and wouldn't have had to worry about the change in rate!

Hindsight is 20-20. FX exchange is *always* a crapshoot. You can't regret what you got - you've fixed your price now and at least you know how much you've got at the other end!
Hey, thanks, I was wondering where all that money came from! Awesome!!
My Utopia - It is frightening...I'll know in a few days if our money got moved successfully...we're moving to Ontario yes indeedy, and not a million miles away from the Motor City.

G - I checked for a forward contract but in fact the rate they gave me wouldn't have been greatly different to what we got in the end anyway. As you said before though, had we known we could have booked the rate a year or so ago when it was extremely good for us and been laughing all the way to the bank. We've agreed not to look back!

Scott & Julia - Wow, money travels fast these days! Don't spend it all at once m'kay?
This whole move has got to be nerve wracking. It was a pain to move across country. I can't imagine what your move must be like. I'm still pulling for you!
Holy Cow...

I certainly hope your money wasn't swindled away.
What a frightening thought.
Oh, Gabby. Maybe we got the Bird Blues? As opposed to the Bird Flu which would have sucked the biggest suck ever.

Hope your back to throwing down the pizza pies soon!
OGO - Thanks for pulling for is very scary still.

Indigotine - I hope not far so good, but wont know for sure until next week.

CCB - Thanks...I really wanted pizza last night too...the stomach said yes, but the throat said no!
Lik Utopiam, I used to go to Windsor a lot when I lived near Detroit. All the same, I hope you enjoy life on this side of the Atlantic.

And get well soon.
Good luck in the move!!
And I hope you can have your pizza soon
X.Dell - Thank, I am getting better gradually...

Bellarosa - Thank you! I've managed some toast now so pizza wont be long now!
Arse about the exchange rate. Hope you have a nice belated pizza night when your throat's better.
I still can't believe you guys are moving back over to my side of the Atlantic. And just think, it's right around the bend and you'll be here! Well, not here where I am - but here - over here! haha You know what I mean. Hope you're feeling better and that the money thing has taken care of itself.
Ann - Arse indeed! We had pizza yesterday with Carla and Garry, more on that later...

SS - I know, it's still feeling a tad bizarre. Waiting for a confirmation on the money...fingers crossed that went OK!
I work at Gopets and saw your link from Priya's blog... like the way you write and very good luck to you in Canada.

Drink something brewed.
-Erik Bethke
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