Wednesday, June 28, 2006



Quite busy today.

Sorted out our OHIP cards (Health cards) which will be effective September 17th. Until then we are not permitted to get sick or have a serious injury. It's the law!

We also looked at cars a bit today. Hondas and Toyotas. Picked up some brochures but thats about all. Unfortunately Honda don't really do the same style of car they do in the UK. My Dad's Honda would have done us perfectly here but they don't make the damn things here! Typical! So the net result is we're leaning toward the Toyota's more at the moment, but that could all change.

We also went to see if we could get Martha's mobile phone working here. We went to the nearest mall and asked about it. They guy there said "Wow, thats a nice phone...but it wont work here." Well thanks for that backhanded compliment. So we now have to buy new cell phones too...*sigh*

We fetched our new computer yesterday - the 17inch Macbook Pro and fired her up last night. We bought a wireless mouse with it too - neither of us can stand those fingerboard thingies. It is sex on a stick though. Love the video camera in the lid - got a nice cheesy photo of both of us to use as our userpic for the computer, and it'll be great for webcamming if we ever get our own internet connection. Martha is also planning to hook it up tonight into her Dad's electric guitar to put Garageband through its paces.

When we bought the computer I called our UK credit card and warned them we were making a big purchase. They were also happy to change our address to a Canadian one which surprised me - I thought they'd kick up a right fuss about that. Anyway, back at the store the card did indeed get rejected, so I had to make a quick call, and as they already had the details flagged it was just a simple case of answering a couple of security questions and running the card through the till again. Easy peasy! Screw - we got our computer miles faster than they could have delivered it.

Fabulous news last night - we sold our bloody cars in the UK! We got close to 3000 quid for the two of them which we reckon was pretty good. So that's just paid for the computer! Ha ha ha!

Having a little panic about our container - it turns out we don't get much free time in Toronto - if the container sits there more than a day we get charged rent at $200 a day! Ouch! Anyway, I have enlisted the help of someone we know (friend of a friend stuff) who is in the shipping business who is helping us out with the customs clearance, so hopefully it wont be too stressful. Expect to see out stuff in just over a week or so all being well. I will finally be reunited with my CD's and records! I just hope they're still in one piece.

Once again, I apologise to you all for not being able to do the rounds on your blogs. Time just doesn't allow these days. I read as much as I can, and comment rarely - and you should know by now how hard that is for me because I LOVE to comment! I really hope we can sort something out with the internet, but it may be a while yet!

EEE! I hope you enjoy your new sexy computer!
I understand you not commenting. I'm just happy you are able to update!
No worries about not commenting (thanks for commenting on mine yesterday - I feel truly honoured!) Nice one about the cars, hope your worldly goods arrive in one piece.
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