Thursday, June 08, 2006



The packing's getting messy...I think most of the meaningful big stuff is packed, and we're down to stupid little odds and ends which have no specific home and I hate it because they don't pack easily.

Last night I tried to logon to reply to everyones comments from my last post and once I typed them in the darn thing wonked out on me, so I decided not to even try again. Thanks for all your messages though, I did at least manage to read them. Oh, Indigotine, we leave on June 17th...

I just cancelled our internet service which is due to expire next Wednesday but I have a feeling my last blogpost before we go is coming sooner than that...I wont promise any updates then you wont be disappointed...

My cold isn't a cold any more...oh no! The sore throat has gone and I've now got a hacking chesty cough. I decided I had better go to the quacks to make sure I was alright. After some consideration he decided I might have a touch of bronchitis and gave me a prescription for antibiotics, suggesting I give it a few days before I have it in case it clears up on its own. Well, screw that, I'm off to the chemists this afternoon and I'll be popping that penicillin right away! I'm not one of these people who thinks antibiotics is the answer to all known ills. I realise it's something to be taken as little as possible, so hopefully it will take effect quickly since I can't even recall the last time I used the stuff.

Packing with Audrey around is difficult. I can see us pulling some late nights to get stuff done. Whilst the warm weather we're experiencing now is nice, it's not really condusive to happy packing either. Anyone want to babysit or help pack?

If I don't see you online before the trip, have a safe journey. I hope you arrive in good shape, and settle in nicely.
Like Serai says, if we don't see you before, have a safe trip. What doesn't get done doesn't get done, and anything you forget you can buy when you get out there.

Hope you're soon better!
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