Thursday, June 01, 2006


Danger! Meltdown imminent!

This cold of mine will not let go.

It's really just a sore throat now but it's right in my ears and making my head fuzzy. It makes eating and drinking a chore rather than a pleasure and I find myself waking up in the night with a dry mouth into which someone has thrown a handful of stinging nettles. The only thing I've found to alleviate the pain is to gargle with TCP which makes the bathroom, and doubtless me as well, stink like a hospital ward. However, it got me back to sleep twice last night, so it's a small price to pay.

My wife is now the proud owner of an iPod Nano which was bought for her by her colleagues as a leaving gift. Kind of reminds me of the quote from Blackadder The Third made by Wellington as played by Stephen Fry:-

"The men had a whip round and bought you this. Well, that is to say I had the men roundly whipped until they bought you this. It's a cigarillo case emblazoned with the regimental crest: two crossed dead Frenchmen on a mound of dead Frenchmen motif."

Comedy genius!

Anyway, you may recall my previous blog entry about Audrey jumping off the bed and me trying to encourage her to jump without the aid of my hands to steady her. Last night she actually asked to jump off without my help - no hands at all! I said I'd still be there to catch her and sure enough after some false starts, she leaped off unaided. She kind of lunged head first though so I caught her under the arms just as she reached the floor. "No, Daddy!" she cried "Don't catch me!" and she climbed back on the bed to do it again! So this time I let her jump and wasn't going to catch her at all. However I made one error. I was kneeling in front of her, just in case, and as before she launched herself headlong off the bed resulting in her bonking her chin on my leg! Ouch! Anyway, much crying ensued, and she took a while to calm down. However, I realised this fall could be counter productive and might put her off trying again, so after she was done crying I made a big deal about her jumping off the bed with no hands...lots of praise and a treat of a chocolate biscuit (I wouldn't have done the biscuit if she hadn't had the accident but I felt bad! I wont be making a habit of it!). Anyway, I was dead impressed and she didn't seem phased afterwards about the accident and was quite proud to tell Mummy about her jump.

So, just two more days of work and we'll really have to get our butts in gear with packing. Being unwell has been a real pain - any slight inclination to pack was put to rest once I caught this bugger and if Martha and Audrey catch it it'll eat into our packing time even more while they recoup as well.

Next week I am seriously going to have to get a grip on my life, because this week has been a complete waste of time. I keep telling myself there can't possibly be much more to pack, but somewhere in the back of my head is a nagging doubt that I've forgotton some crucial detail which is going to balls up the entire move. Is there a way to shut down that part of my brain so I can just go on with stuff and stop worrying? You know, maybe a little switch behind one of my ears or in the back of my head like Action Man's eagle eyes!

'Is there a way to shut down that part of my brain'

LOL, I ask myself that all the time.

Blackadder and chocolate biscuits. =)
I may have to visit this blogger of yours more often.
Indigotine - Welcome to my world! Where chocolate biscuits are *usually* on tap, and intravenous Blackadder can be arranged.
Illness can waste your time, and that's the part that borhers me most of all when I'm under the weather.

Kudos to Audrey, though. And to you for making her get back on the horse.
Yes there is a way of shutting down the crucial part of your brain that makes you worry. It's called alcohol. A bottle and a half of red wine usually does it for me!
I don't think you can shut down you brain for very long and if you do it won't do any good. Even after you move you'll be thinking,"did we get everything?"
May I have a chocolate biscuit if I jump out of bed?
X Dell - Yeah, I'm still in two minds if this jumping off the bed routine is a good idea though...

Ann - Just one problem with sore throat. I can just about manage fizzy drinks without it stinging...I dead to think what alcohol would feel like.

OGO - Oh thanks for that! Just add to my worries why don't you?!

Bellarosa - That's not quite how it works, but I'm sure something could be arranged.
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