Sunday, May 14, 2006


Weekend roundup

Firstly, to get it out of the way, for all you Doubting Thomas's out there, the new Pet Shop Boys single "I'm With Stupid" was the highest new entry into the UK singles chart this week at No.8 and is their 21st Top 10 single. There's also quite a nice interview with them from The Sunday Times which you can read here. They may not be a worldwide musical force like Madonna or U2, but nobody can deny they're still relevent and making hit after hit.

The weekend has been pretty good, even though swimming got cancelled and the nearly-new sale was a bit of a disappointment. We had two large boxes of goodies, one with mostly clothes and the other with toys. The toys sold really well, but we came back with a boxful of clothes almost as full as when we started. Not sure how much money we made yet, but for the effort we put in, we agreed it probably wasn't worth it.

The rest of the weekend was spent just generally mooching around doing weekend type stuff. We only really packed anything this evening. I've got a list of stuff I need to do, mostly phone calls, that I need to sort out this week to tie up loose ends on a few things. Everything still seems to be in a total mess, but I am starting to see that if we put our minds to it, and do a bit of packing every night, we can achieve great things. Tonight has been a good example of that, by packing some framed pictures/photos and still being able to make it to bed at a decent hour (if I can get this blog finished anyway!).

Martha's British citizenship application took a turn for the worse on Friday - she called to see how it was coming along and they reckon it'll be another two months before it's sorted. Not exactly useful since we'll be gone in a month. Anyway, after the initial panic, I've done some lateral thinking, surfed the web and found that, if I'm reading it correctly, her application can be transferred to the British Consulate in Toronto, and when the application is completed she can go to a citizenship ceremoney there. In other words she doesn't NEED to be in the UK to apply for her citizenship anymore - the fact that she's married to me and has lived in the UK for the necessary length of time is enough. Fingers crossed I'm right about that, but it looked right.

Anyway, that's my's late and I have work tomorrow after a nice long weekend...I'm starting to get used to them, and I think this will be my first five day week in a long while! Tomorrow is going to be hellish, that is for sure, catching up from Friday.

A bientot!

Glad you guys had a good weekend and I hope that you're right about Martha's citizenship application. Keep us posted!
Sorry the sale didn't go too well, sounds like you had a good weekend all in all.

I do hope you can complete Martha's citizenship in Toronto, it'd be typical British bureaucracy if it came through a month after you'd left and couldn't do anything about it.

Good luck catching up with work - I know the feeling only too well the past couple of days!
I know all about the catching up you speak of dear Gabby! Good luck to you!
SS - I hope so too, and I will!

Ann - Yeah, it was a nice weekend...fingers crossed we can sort that out in Canada!

OGO - Yes, I noticed you had some of your own catching up to do.
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