Thursday, May 18, 2006


Tell me when you plan to shoot so I can duck!

Ooh, so many things going on in my head today! I've actually got a humdinger of a headache, but I think that might be a cold coming on.

I've been mincing around all morning at work trying to get to grips with this darn list of things to create a "Guide to Gabby's Job". Every time I start on something I look blankly at the screen and realise it's just not that simple. I can't write a list of bullets on everything I do, because when you start down a particular line of my work it's like going down a rabbit hole, with so many permutations, it'll end up a complete mess if I even try. Add to that that I use various applications to aid me in my work, some of which my colleagues don't use themselves, it means giving them all a crash course in those as well. No wonder my head is pounding.

The other thing about this list that is really ticking me off as well are the jobs that are stupidly easy they shouldn't even be asking me how to do them. Take for example completing an Airwaybill for consignments going by air. Maybe to some of you that sounds me, a retarded chimpanzee could do it. It's a fill it in...job done.

Anyway, meanwhile Martha and I are seriously thinking about moving our money from the UK to Canada soon. In the last week or so the Canadian dollar has gone up against the pound, to $2.10 which is the best rate we've had for a good many months and makes a huge difference to the amount of Canadian dollars we'll end up with. I'm not the type to follow the money markets, and I don't understand how to forecast them, but I'm guessing it's about as good as we're likely to get it now, so we probably need to get moving on it. It's a frightening prospect moving all your cash like that, and I just hope the banks don't screw it up...I'm taking bets that they will somehow make a pigs ear out of it.

We've been putting values to our belongings for customs purposes. It makes for interesting reading actually. The stuff you'd expect to place the most value on from the perspective of day to day living is the stuff that has the least value. Get down to the non-essential items like CD's, DVD's and collectible items and you suddenly discover how much money you've got locked away in those ultimately pointless items. Books seem to fare worst out of everything, although doubtless we've got a few hidden gems among them that we're not even aware of.

Anyway, one last thought for today which I realise might cause a ruckus...I hear that Heather McCartney is splitting up with Paul and, honest to God, she never married him for the money! Be that as it may, what on earth did they see in each other in the first place? Anyway, my guess is that Heather saw the light on their recent trip to Canada to campaign against the culling of baby seals, and finally realised what a complete tosser he is.

That sucks that they want you to crash course them on your job. My job is that kind of job too. It is very much a self motivated position, how do you tell someone how to do that?
I want to believe that she married him for love. I really think she did. What I wonder though is how much of his money is she gonna get? I think their reason was sort of lame though. Having a relationship with all the intrusions of the media etc.... What did they expect?

I hope your headache eases up soon.
My Utopia - Indeed. Although it appears my "How to do an Export Entry" is a winner having just been tried and tested successfully! Maybe I'm not indispensable after all!

OGO - Yeah, I heard that daft excuse too. I heard rumour she'd be getting £1million a day, though quite how that got calculated I have no idea. You're just a hopeless romantic aren't you? Of course she married him for money...ooh I nearly said something really nasty there and thought better of it...thank goodness for the delete key!
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The real story is as follows:

Heather said she wanted to go clubbing. Paul said he could teach her a thing or two about clubbing. Next thing she's freezing her nuts off on a Canadian ice floe learning about how wrong it is to go around clubbing seals. Or something.

Serious though, I don't think it was entirely about money. As one who's 'been there, done that, got half the t-shirt' on the divorce front, all you are entitled to under British law is what you put into the marriage, if you don't have kids. Quite rightly, the rules change entirely when kids come along.

I think she was more likely a bit star struck and didn't realise the age gap would make such a difference. I can't honestly see Heather sat in front of the fire in her slipper with a mug of cocoa with Paul, when she thought she'd be living the life of a rock star's wife.

Oh and yes, he is a complete tosser.

Hope your head feels better soon!
Ann - LOL, "clubbing"! I understand there was no pre-nup agreement, so I don't know what position that puts Heather in and whether she'd have a leg to stand on. (trust me, I thought of much much worse!)

I dunno, sitting in front of a fire in my slippers with a mug of cocoa sounds quite nice.
I can totally sympathize with the whole issue of not being able to put what you do down on paper. I couldn't do that either.

As for Heather and Paul - I couldn't care less about this particular couple - I never thought they would last in the first place and they both irk me.
SS - You know what, I'm not sure why I even mentioned Heather and Paul. Probably just so I could say he's a tosser. It's nice to know I'm not the only one...
So, why can't you just show them how to do various parts of your job and start having them do it right away? That way they can ask questions while you're still around and you won't have to write 5 page papers on everything!

PS. When are you moving your blog to LJ? :-p
Priya - I am doing some of that too which is personally my preferred way of doing it but this guy just did this list of stuff he wants me to write "idiot guides" for. I guess it'll be a combination of both.

When am I moving to LJ? Wait 'til I get to Canada I think...
Just felt the need to comment so you know I'm not neglecting you Gabby, just had one of those 'distracted' weeks again.

I don't know what to make of the Mc Cartney thing really, he's done some things that I can recall admiring him for, though I can't remember what they were. (So I guess they weren't that admirable after all!)

Heather Mills scares me a bit, I am always a bit leery of these 'driven' people who seem determined to succeed no matter what life throws at them. Reminds me a bit of those robots in the terminator.

As for your work colleague I'd go with the 'ask a stupid question...' mentality, for the things he really could and should be working out for himself.
Serai - Neglected, me? Never! Every time I saw Heather interviewed she creeped me out a bit - there was an air of insincerity about her I just didn't like. I dunno...

I'm ploughing through the work stuff, and as Priya said, combining the "Idiot Guides" with hands on practice seems to be working well so far.
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