Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Sweet, sweet candy!

So today I said farewell to my dentist.

I've been going to the same dental clinic all my life - my mother worked there as a dental nurse, and I've been having regular 6 month check-ups ever since. Whilst I don't have a perfect smile - my teeth are a tad wonky - I'm proud of the fact that I've made it into my 35th year without requiring anything more serious than having my incisors filed. Before that, I would have made a passable vampire. I'm still plagued with mouth ulcers the cause of which I seem unable to get to get to the bottom of, and every dentist I've spoken to has made suggestions which come to nothing, but in the grand scheme of things I'm fortunate to have an *almost* full set of gnashers. I say *almost* because my wisdom teeth are only "part erupted", but they are still there!

I discovered that the dentists don't issue dental records as such, so there's nothing to transfer to Canada, but there again my dental records have nothing to say anyway, so it's of little consequence.

I received my Pet Shop Boys "I'm With Stupid" stuff today...that's to say a CD single, DVD single and 7" vinyl picture disc. This will be the Boys' first "official" vinyl picture disc (which is very surprising considering they were all the rage in the 80's when the band was most popular). What is also funny is the picture disc itself might as well not be one at all - when you look at it, it looks for all the world like a regular black vinyl record with the exception of an approximately two inch high blue arrow on one side and a similar red arrow on the other. I can't help feeling that this is giving the proverbial finger to someone, possibly even "us" the fans. Even so, I find it quite amusing, and as I've said before, I'm a total sucker for packaging, and it comes in a lovely double sleeve as well, so I'm happier than a pig in poo!

At work today the news of my departure was broken to an employee from a company we work quite closely with. His immediate reaction was "Well done!" in a tone intimating that it was clearly a sensible decision to get out of this country before it implodes. It made me feel good to hear that, rather than the usual reaction of shock and surprise I've been getting so far. It's nice to know someone else obviously feels the same way I do about the current state of the UK.

Tonight we're sorting out Audrey's old clothes for a nearly new sale this weekend. Martha's ironing them and I'm cataloging and labelling them. Hopefully we can raise a few pounds for ourselves, but it's a mammoth task and one I should really be getting on with now instead of typing my blog, but I had decided to give myself a break before pricking my tender little fingers with more safety pins.

The bad news is, I have also caved in and drunk a cup of tea tonight. Martha's not helping by being back on the demon leaf again too, and tempting me almost daily with it. It's the slippery slope I tell ya!

What's wrong with tea?

Deb - Where do you want me to start? It's addictive for starters, and as a result makes you crave more and you DO get withdrawal symptoms if you don't drink it, lack of energy, bad breath, stained teeth...seriously, giving it up is one of the best things I've done.
Tea also has healthful antioxidents. It's much better than soda! Which is what we'd be drinking if it wasn't for tea!

I like the money I get from yard sales but I hate having them with a passion! We used to do one with the whole family once a year and I made decent money but hated every minute of it!
Good luck finding a good dentist!
OGO - I don't drink soda much either... I mostly drink Lipton Iced Tea (yeah, yeah, but I don't think it does quite the same as your regular tea) or blackcurrant cordial... occasionally ginger ale. And yes, I am hating every minute of this sale so far I think and it's not even until Saturday!

MyUtopia - Thanks for the vote of confidence!
What does Audrey think of the move? Does she understand the magnitude of it?
OGO told me you're moving! Just wanted to wish you luck with that. I hope your new life is wonderful!!
Scott & Julia - I think "blissfully unaware" probably sums it up. We have been talking openly about it to her, and the childminder has been chatting to her about it as well. She knows she's going to see her cousins, aunt and uncles, and other grandma and grandpa soon, but thats about it.

JennyBabe - Thank you...I hope all going well for you too. (OGO talks about ME! *blush!*)
That's probably for the best. My brother was 8 when we came to Canada and he was extremely excited about it .. until we got here and he realized that he doesn't speak the language and he cannot see his friends & cousins anymore. It's great that half of your family is here .. it will be much easier for Audrey and yourselves to adjust to the changes.
Scott & Julia - I'm going to have to reread your blog to remind myself of whence you came to Canada - I do recall reading it, but don't remember! Don't tell me! I agree, hopefully Audrey will be young enough not to remember much about the move and with family there already it's hopefully going to make settling much much easier.
You might like to know that the first thing I heard as we were driving from Moscow airport was "I'm With Stupid". It's a good choon. After then the only stuff we heard was embarrassing 80's europop like "Life is Life" and patriotic war songs.

Good luck finding a new dentist, I've had mine for years and don't mind travelling to see him.
Gabby, I don't think I ever talked about it in the blog. My parents, baby brother & I moved here from Romania almost 10 years ago. It was quite difficult at the beginning, but I am very happy we came here. Otherwise I wouldn't have met my Canadian born & raised (although his granddad was a RAF pilot) soon-to-be hubby. Maybe that's why we have a soft spot for you Brits ;)

Ann - I tell you, the PSB's get EVERYWHERE! Thanks for now putting "Life is life" in my head for the rest of the day! Grrr! Yeah, in the end I was travelling quite a distance to see the same dentist but I do think its worth it if you're happy with them.

Scott & Julia - This is going to sound horribly stalker-ish but you did mention that you're from Romania in your blog. I looked it up last night, because I knew I'd seen it in there somewhere.
Gabby - you're lucky you've got it in your head only today, I've had it all week!
Ann - Yeah, except a colleague has just started singing Mousse T's "Horny"...my brain is going to explode soon...
Oh, did I? Looks like you know more about my blog than I do ;)
Scott & Julia - You only mentioned it in passing on a very early entry...
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