Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Pay no attention, I'm having a bad day

The long weekend kind of passed me by. I'd had a cold from about the middle of last week and it seemed to be not too bad and I thought it would go without causing too much trouble. Then on Saturday it hit me like a ton of bricks.

On Saturday afternoon I napped, which I hate doing because I feel awful afterwards. Then I did it again on Sunday and Monday afternoons as well. On Monday we went to my parents for the day and I felt really grim. My limbs ached, my head was pounding and I was pretty close to calling the whole thing off. As it turned out I might as well not have been there. I just made it through until the end of lunch before I hit the sack for the rest of the afternoon. I roused myself for a cup of tea at the end of the afternoon before we packed up and headed home.

Then this morning I felt like I had swallowed a packet of razor blades! Oh joy! I actually thought what a fine idea it would be to Google "throat razor blades" to see what comes up thinking maybe there'd be a nice photo I could use for this blog. Some of the images I found were completely baffling though. Exactly what is the connection between razor blades in the throat and a busty blonde woman in red lingerie? Not that I was complaining but it was a little peculiar. Anyway, I thought better of it, and have decided to keep this entry picture free!

Today has been pretty blah. I think I'm being punished in my last full week of work by having a slew of annoying customers gang up on me. What is more irritating is that most of them don't speak English. I'm usually quite tolerant of people wanting to retain their culture and language, but please for crying out loud speak to me in a language that makes sense to me when you are directly dealing with me! I hate having to repeat myself and I hate it even more when I have a sore throat. It's a wonder any of these people manage to make a living!

I'm just really fed up right now, sick of being sick, so I'm pretty intolerant of anyone who isn't going to humour me. So you lot had better bloody humour me, right?!

It can be funny to see what comes up when you google things.
Aww, poor little stick, sounds like a nasty one. Colds are like in-laws though, the nastier they are, the better you feel when they finally go!
Try a little cinnamon candy. It always helps my sore throats. I know it sounds weird but it works for me!
Hard candy that is.
My Utopia - Yeah, it is kind of fun!

Serai - Well I bloody hope this one is gone soon, cos I'm sick to death of it - plus I have nice in-laws!

OGO - Hmm, cinnamon candy sounds gooooood. No idea what it is though.
I'm guessing that the busty blonde "female" needs the razors for her 5 o'clock shadow?

Get well soon, you pathetic wreck :P
Ann - She looked "all" woman to me.
I could have sworn I wrote a happy birthday message here, somewhere.

Well, a belated happy birthday all the same. Many happy returns.
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