Thursday, May 25, 2006


Party poppers and champagne!

Today is a double celebration.

Firstly it's my mother's birthday. Unfortunately I wont see her today because she's "up north" with Dad having a long weekend break with my sister. She's a wonderful Mum, and yes, I admit I am a mummys boy deep down. We've talked about all kinds of stuff and she's always been really supportive, even if she hasn't always been 100% understanding. That's fine - I don't mind agreeing to disagree. She's a Gemini through and through and can have a split personality at times. It is from her I get my rather nasty temper!

Anyway, although you probably wont see this,

Happy Birthday Mum! I love you!

Secondly, today is our wedding anniversary!

Martha and I have been married 9 years today! This anniversary is an especially good one for reflection as it was nearly nine years ago to the day that Martha received her visa to come to live with me in the UK and we moved all her belongings over here. Now here we are about to make the same trip in reverse at almost the exact same time of year. Spooky!

She'll probably bless me for posting this photo from the big day, especially since she wont be able to get her grubby mitts on it to retouch it in Photoshop first, but I think it's sweet - you can tell from the scan that it's a bit worn - that's because it stays in my wallet all the time along with a few other personal photos. I loved Martha's long hair from back then - you really should grow it back darling!

We shall be celebrating tonight with a meal out at our favourite Italian restaurant while Audrey gets the babysitting treatment. That definitely calls for a light lunch and a loosening of the belt! (no jokes about loosening belts after the meal please, although I live in hope!)

I love you Martha! Happy Anniversary sweetheart!

You guys are so cute!!!!

Happy Anniversary!!!

I guess a double congratulations are in order. You and Martha make for a very good-looking couple.

Marrying on your mom's birthday? Was this some kind of present? A way to cut down on the price of cake?
Congrats on your anniversary, nine years! Happy Birthday, Gabby's Mom! Hope you all party down tonight! Enjoy your kid free dinner : )
Today is a big day for you! First, happy birthday to your mom!

Second congratulations on your anniversary. I hope you have many MANY more!
Deb - Cheers m'dear! Cute in a cheesy smiley kind of way for this photo maybe!

X.Dell - Thanks. Actually marrying on my mothers birthday is a cunning ruse so I NEVER EVER forget my wedding anniversary!

My Utopia - Thanks, my tummy is rumbling already! I can't wait!

OGO - Sounds like you have a big day too. Thanks for the well wishes!
Oh! Happy Anniversary! I think the picture is beautiful just as it is!
What a gorgeous photo!! Happy anniversary Martha and Gabby - enjoy your night out!
Sammykate - Yeah AND I didn't get into trouble for posting it either! :-)

Ann - Had a great night out...totally stuffed now mind you...
Oh how sweet!!!!!!! I hope you two had a wonderful time tonight celebrating your Anniversary! Happy Anniversary guys!

And Happy Birthday Mum!

That's all I have to say :)
SS - Thankyou, I'm still feeling quite full from last night and it's nearly lunchtime!!!!

Carla - That's all you needed to say! :-)
Happy Anniversary! That pic is really cute of you two - would love to see a recent one though. I'm sure, like us, the current G & M are even cuter!!
Priya - Thankyou. Ah, now the problem with posting a recent pic is getting it past the rigorous censor known as Martha. Anyway, you've seen enough recent photos of ME right here on my blog to know that I'm cute! ;-)
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