Friday, May 05, 2006


Lost Weather Weekend

The weekend is here again! I guess a three day week does kind of give a false sense of time speeding along, and will no doubt make next week drag horribly.

For a change we've nothing particularly planned for the weekend. We will probably pop over to my parents for Sunday lunch since they've not seen us for a couple of weeks, but I guess for the rest of the time we'll just have to see how things pan out.

The last couple of days we finally got a glimpse of summer. Yesterday and today have been wonderfully sunny and warm - it's just a shame I spent both of them cooped up in an office! Furthermore the weather looks set to get worse for the weekend, which always seems to be the way of things. A man could start to get paranoid the way the best days always seem to come during weekdays, then the heavens open at the weekends!

I know I'll have some major climate adjustments to contend with in Canada. It's all fine and good having a two week holiday of nothing but heat and sun in the summer, and I even enjoy two weeks holidays of deep snow in the winter too, but either of those for weeks on end - who knows how I'll be with that?! Mind you, I made it through a Canadian winter while I was at University, so I mostly know what to expect - the summer is a bit more of an unknown.

Since I'm struggling for anything worthwhile to say today, let me say a little bit about "Lost", the second season of which has only just begun here in the UK (yes, we're MILES behind you guys in N.America).

I really enjoyed series 1, but I really couldn't give a rats derriere about series 2. Martha watched the first three 2nd season episodes back to back on Tuesday while I typed up my blog, and I barely looked around to see what was going on, I simply didn't care. I got turned off "Lost" almost overnight and didn't see the final two episodes of season 1, probably because I'd already seen a couple of season 2 episodes in Canada which had pretty much spoiled anything they could have said in the 1st season finale.

In seeing those season 2 episodes it also made me realise I'd be in for much of the same as I'd already seen in season 1, and whilst that was all fine and dandy for a while, I really couldn't see myself devoting one hour a week to what seemed to be becoming rather boring and formulaic. Unlike something like "Star Trek" or "The X-Files" there are no discernable "stand alone" stories. It's just one long on-going plotline week after week, with a twist and a turn just to keep you interested for the next time.

I just think there's only so much you can do of that before it runs out of steam and I can only take so many unanswered questions and obtuse plotlines. All I can say is, if/when they decide to wrap "Lost" the writers had better have some damn good reasons for all the islands' weirdness otherwise the viewers are not going to buy any of it. It could make or break the entire series. Personally I don't want to get sucked into that - I can sense the disappointment already!

Ok. First of all 2 weeks off in summer and 2 weeks off in winter?!! What in the world? I'm jealous! HOLY COW!
*breath in breath out*

Now. I didn't pay much attention to LOST at first not because it wasn't of interest but just because I missed the beginning and didn't think I could pick it up. Then they ran it from the start over the summer. I'm still enjoying it though. I just wish they would stop rerunnng old ones.

I used to LOVE X-files. Everything had to stop when that was on. Then it got all stupid. I stopped watching well before it went off the air.

Have a good weekend Gabby!
Should I mention that I was first AND second to post on your blog today!?
OGO - We were getting 5 weeks of holidays and I KNOW all of that is about to change when we move...God help me! I loved the X-Files but lost the plot because they kept moving it around the schedules here. I keep meaning to watch all my DVD's - I heard that the later ones leading up to the end were actually pretty good. But yes it did go do most shows that run for more than 3 seasons...and I don't see anyone rushing to be first poster here, but if it makes you happy....
Summer is great out here in the boonies by Lake Huron, but it was miserable in Toronto. On the other hand, winter is a bitch here but it was not bad in the city. Somewhere in between both summer and winter are miserable. So it really depends on where you end up living :)
Scott & Julia - Yeah, I'm in two minds about getting that much snow, but I do like the sun and the warm weather. I enjoy the cold days too as long as the sun shines. We'll just have to wait and see...
I watched Lost when it first started coming on but soon lost interest when they began playing reruns! The show it still too new to replay everything all the time. I want new shows each week! ARG!
SS - Yes I've noticed how in N.America you get reruns in mid-season which is kind of weird. Here a show will run from start to finish before it gets repeated. I'm guessing it's something to do with the fact that episodes are still in production as the show airs and showing reruns gives them extra time to make the new episodes. In the UK a full season of shows tend to be "in the can" before it gets screened.
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