Monday, May 22, 2006


Leap of Faith

Another work blog. Martha's starting to think I do nothing all day but muck about on the internet. I'll ignore that slur on my reputation as a hard working individual and move on...

The chap who came to see my mates Sinclair C5 was suitably impressed. He reckoned it was in great condition in spite of the deflated tyres and flat batteries. We've certainly never had so many people watching an eBay item, so I'm really hoping we get a good price for it.

Today's the release date for the new Pet Shop Boys album "Fundamental" and as we speak there are three copies (yes, count them!) of it inside my car just crying out to be listened to on my drive home. One is the bog standard CD release, the second is a Limited Edition with a 2nd CD of remixes and new tracks called "Fundamentalism" (no points for originality then!) and the third is the album on vinyl. Did I mention I was a fanboy?

I suspect in due course I will be passing judgment on the album right here, not that many of you will be interested. However, reviews I've read seem to suggest it's one of their best albums for a good while. I'm a tough fan to please, so we'll wait and see.

And finally...

Audrey said something cute this weekend. On the evenings we give her a bath I usually end up drying her on the guest bed and putting on her pajamas. After that she will grab my hands and jump off the bed (which is not far short of her full height). Rightly or wrongly, I have lately been encouraging her to jump off holding only one of my hands, and although initially reticent to do so, she's now become quite keen on this new freefall thrill.

My initial thinking behind this was to encourage her to do more jumping into the pool at swimming because, with the exception of the water to break her fall, the heights are roughly the same. Anyway, last night I decided to take it to the next stage and see if she would jump without holding my hands at all. This doesn't sound so daft when you realise she's lately been jumping by herself from a small step across a fairly wide gap onto one of our sofas, so I figured this was a natural progression.

She stood on the side of the bed and as usual held her hand out to me to steady her. I told her that I wasn't going to do that today and that she should try jumping off alone. She looked gingerly over the edge of the bed and back at me and her bottom lip wobbled.

"No Daddy, want to jump with one hand!"

Again I said "No" and encouraged her to try jumping off alone and assured her I would be there to catch her. Her lip wobbled some more and you could tell she was on the verge of tears.

"But Daddy," she remonstrated, "I will hurt myself!"

Aww! Well after that premonition I wasn't going to push it, so I held out one hand and she quite happily jumped off. I barely give her any support with the one hand so she's virtually jumping off the bed alone anyway but I guess she's not quite ready for that yet.

Your daughter sounds adorable! From one "hard working" person to another : ) -=blogging at work=-
(1) My Utopia's right. Your daugher indeed seems to be a real treasure, and you and Martha sound like wonderful parents. Teaching her to swim is wise. I never learned. Ain't too many of us left, you know. Most us have drowned.

You, however, are bolstering a sense of independence and personal accomplishment in your daughter. While many people do this with their sons, it's refreshing to hear that people are now sensing the importance of developing their girls' strengts as well.

(2) Pet shop Boys? Wow, does that take me back.

(3) Your friend can always replace the tires and the battery. If the power train's good, an the car doesn't have too many miles, and the electronics are good, he might actually get a decent price. He might get a better price on E-Bay if he fixes those things himself.

(4) Happy belated birthday.

(5) Thanks for dropping by my blog. Great having you.
My Utopia - Audrey's totally adorable...I should maybe post some movies or sounds of her talking...

X.Dell - Thanks for visiting. Friend wants to get shot of the C5 as much as we do, so we're jusy eBaying the lot. I know plenty of folks who'd be far more willing to put some love into it to get it working again.
Ah bless her! Please post some more photos of her. I wish I'd been brave enough to jump off holding my dad's hand at her age. It's just a case of confidence and knowing she can do it alone and won't hurt herself. Once she starts there'll be no stopping her!
Ann - Yeah, I should post a few pics or video/audio of her soon. She's a funny thing...some things she has so much confidence about, and others she has next to none. We often find ourselves reminding her that trivial things are OK when she gets upset about them. Takes after her Dad like that I think.
Gabby you never cease to impress me with the way you treat your little girl, you're a great dad!
Serai - *blush* Thanks for the compliment...I do my best for my little girl.
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