Saturday, May 20, 2006


Just passing the time...

Taking the opportunity to write a blog while I can. Martha's gone to bed early and I had a short nap this afternoon which has left me feeling more awake than I should be.

Today's been much like any other Saturday. We did groceries, went swimming - which went really well this week. We had a new instructor and she was really good, kept the session well structured with some new exercises which the kiddies really enjoyed. At the end I had to tell them we weren't going to be signing up for future sessions because of our move. We've a few more weeks of swimming to go, but we prepay for the sessions and today would have been the day. I really hope we can continue to go swimming with Audrey in Canada, although I suspect she's got enough water confidence now that she'll be fine if it's some time before we do it again.

This afternoon I entertained Audrey while Martha went to the opticians for a check-up, so Play-Doh and drawing was in order. After that I had my quick nap and we decided to get fish and chips for supper. Audrey came with me, and fell asleep on the way there so I ended up taking her into the shop asleep on my shoulder, then carrying her back to the car in one arm with my bag of takeaway in the other. She was still napping when we got home so Martha and I had supper together which was quite a novelty.

During "Doctor Who" Audrey woke up, and we kept her up later than normal. Even still she didn't settle to sleep for ages. We watched a short interview on TV with the Pet Shop Boys and then minced around for the rest of the evening.

That's it - tomorrow is another day as they say. We have someone coming to look at a friends Sinclair C5 which we've been storing for him for years, and is now on eBay. We've got a bunch of stuff on there right now and we need to make a list of all the electrical goods we want to sell off before we go.

Still got lots to do, and still not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel...

Aww, I'm sure the light is there - it's just dim for the moment. You'll see it soon enough I'm certain.
Hang in there, the moving date will be upon you before you know it!

We must organise some sort of virtual leaving do for you before you go, anyone any ideas?
SS - Yes, I think I see a very very tiny speck away in the distance...nope, it was firefly!

Ann - That's the worry, that the move date will be upon us before we're ready! A virtual leaving do...could be tricky to co-ordinate what with people in different time zones. It'd be an interesting experience to have everyone on my Virtual Chums list in on one REAL room though...weird but interesting.
I use to love swim class
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