Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Inspirational blog

Serai's blog has been the source of memage and inspiration today.

Firstly, and something some of you may have seen already, was this item, which is thoroughly frightening but in a roundabout way reminded me of something which has been amusing us about Audrey lately.

She's been asking for her own bra! I guess she's seen Mummy put on and remove hers enough times to know that it's part of her daily clothing ensemble and something that she's missing. Obviously we've been telling her that she'll have one when she's good and ready, but also that it's going to be some time yet before she will need one. She seems to have taken that response in her stride! I guess this is our first foray with Audrey into her own sexual discovery of her body. It kind of catches you off guard but it did make us chuckle. Also, I think she's got a few boyfriends on the go at playgroup. I don't know, two and half and she's already asking for bra's and playing the field!

Secondly, that meme:-

1.) What kind of weather has the greatest effect on you?
Sunny and warm - I am definitely solar powered.

2.) Name a place that has had a lasting effect on your life.
Easter Island - Amazing, beautiful, haunting place with an incredible history.

3.) Someone you know personally who has inspired you.
My English teacher from school, David Stooke. English classes shouldn't be this much fun, should they?!

4.) Someone you don't know personally who has inspired you. ( celebrity, or writer etc )
Wil Wheaton - if it weren't for him I doubt I'd have started this blog.

5.) Which element do you feel most attuned to ( Earth, Wind, Fire, Water )

6.) Choose a colour you feel is inspirational to you.
Purple (no, Serai, I'm not copying for the sake of it)

7.) An event that changed the way you see yourself.
Deciding to move to Canada

8.) A film that really made you think.
Donnie Darko

9.) A book that really made you think.
One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest

10.) Name a song whose lyrics have inspired you.
"True Faith" - New Order (I dunno, I don't find songs inspire me exactly, but this is probably as close as it gets and LOOK, it's not Pet Shop Boys!)

Wow I feel all 'special' now, umm not in the minibus to school way though, thanks for the linkage Gabby!

Audrey asking for her own bra is funny and endearing at the same time, she obviously just sees it as an item of clothing identified with 'mummy'.
My daughter was distraught when she couldn't decide which boy she was going to marry. She was in kindergarten. I told her she had plenty more time to decide and strangely enough neither boy is even on her radar now. hmmm... Cute story about Audrey. They are too cute aren't they?
I used to always try on my mum's bras and stuff socks down the front to try to have boobs! Like Serai says, she's just trying to be like mummy.
I freaking love that song! It is peppy, yet sad if you really look at the lyrics. It is a great one. I also loved their song "Love Vigilantes"!
Serai - Yeah, Audrey was pretty cute when she asked about it. No problem with the linkage, I always try to give credit where credit is due.

OGO - Audrey has told us she loves some of these boys, but right now she'd tell just about anything she loved them since we've been "bigging it up"

Ann - Go on, admit it, you still do! (sorry, you left that one W-I-D-E open!)

CCB - That's just part of the genius that is New Order. I recall Bernard Sumner (when he was extremely bad for his drug habits) getting into trouble for slightly altering the lyrics to True Faith (on TV or at a gig I'm not sure) to "When I was a very small boy, very small boys talked to me, now that we've done drugs together, we're afraid of what we'll see." Kurt Cobain did a similar thing on Top of the Pop "Load up on drugs and kill your friends" instead of "Load up on guns and bring your friends" and got into all kinds of shit for that! Popstars eh?!
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