Sunday, May 28, 2006


How to alienate your readership...

I realise Friday's post wasn't for everyone.

That's why I used to love MyBlogSite. It had lots of *sections* within my blog so I could review films, books, music or whatever I wanted without having to force people to see them...I could casually mention there was a new post about such and such over on one of those sections, and if anyone wanted to, they could go look. I know I could create new separate blogs to create the same effect, but trust me, it WONT be the same to me. Six months on and I still miss MyBlogSite. *sigh*

I hadn't mentioned it before but I've had a cold pretty much all week. It's been a bit on and off - I can go for hours feeling fine, then suddenly I become inseparable from a box of Kleenex. The other night I felt crap at first then went to bed at some unGodly hour but felt brilliant, then woke up feeling like death warmed up again. Weird.

It's also taken a lot out of me. For two days in a row I've had to nap in the afternoon. This is most unlike me - I hate afternoon napping, because I always wake up feeling worse than I did when I went to sleep, but the last two days I just hit a wall and had to give into it. This afternoon I awoke with a weird tingle in my teeth which I still have one hour later - I'd obviously been grinding them and it's totally grossing me out.

Stressed? Moi?! Never!

The weekend has been uneventful so far but we do have a day off tomorrow which will be nice. Yet another four day week after that, and then one more Monday of work before I am officially done work!!! Suddenly I feel desperately disorganised again!

Yesterday I mowed the front lawns for the first time since we moved here a year a go. If you saw them you'd know why I'd put it off. Most of it is steep embankment and somewhat treed. Anyway, Martha tackled a little bit of it, and I polished off maybe the remaining two thirds. Nasty nasty nasty! Pushing a heavy lawnmower up and down a steep bank isn't fun. Stepping in dog poo isn't fun. Slamming your right elbow into the metal front gate while trying to start the mower isn't fun - oh yeah, THAT'S gonna bruise - I may post pictures!

Anyway, time to crack on with the rest of my day. Wishing you all a good week ahead!


It's hardly surprising you're stressed - moving half a mile down the road is bad enough, I can't begin to imagine how it must be moving across an ocean.

Sorry to hear about your gardening injuries. Moral of the tale - don't do gardening :)
PS - as for alienating your readership, it's your blog, your rules, rant away. You'll probably ge more posts Monday, it's only sad people like moi who read blogs at weekends!
'ello Gabby, sorry been away in my own little world of weirdness again. Sorry for missing your anniversary, hope it went well you two look like a lovely couple! So a belated Happy Anniversary!

Believe it or not I've tried to come up with stuff to post on my blog almost every day last week. But no, mind goes blank and I end up getting sidetracked to some weird and quite irrelevant website somewhere, and forget all about my blog.

'Scuse me rambling here, for some reason I feel the need to explain my tardy blogging to someone. Anyway hopefully something interesting will happen soon, but hopefully not in the sense of 'may you live in interesting times....'
So, why did you decide to mow the lawn when you're moving away? LOL Sorry about your elbow. Ask Martha or Audrey to kiss and make it better!

Man, I hate colds like that. I don't know what's worse though, the ones that knock you out like that or the ones that just sort of make your feel bad all the time, but not enough to warrant a nap?!

Get better! And come over to LJ! Plus, I won't have to sign in every time i leave a comment! :-p
I experienced something similar to what you did, as did some of my friends. Whatever it is, it's on both sides of the pond.

Get better, and happy mowing.
Ann - I'm not too keen on gardening but it is in our contract to maintain the gardens here, and we've been quite remiss with the lawn mowing out front. I know its my blog and my rules, but I like my comments, so writing about stuff that people have no interest in means zero comments! Where's the fun in that?

Serai - Hello stranger! Ramble away! As I said to Ann, I like comments! I started carrying a notebook around with me to jot down thoughts for my blog, but to be honest I hardly ever use it. But I've had dry periods too where you just find you have nothing to say...

Priya - See my reply to Ann, we're contractually obliged to maintain the garden and there's a deposit on the house which we wont get back if we don't leave it looking good when we move out. My cold has changed and hit me like a truck the last 2 days...more on that later no doubt.

X.Dell - Thanks...the mowing wasn't happy and neither is my cold! :-(
Sounds like that yard is a booger! Good thing is you won't have to do it again. EVER!

I wouldn't be a bit surprised if your cold is a result of stress and being run down. You have a lot on your plate right now. I wish I could give you a hand.
OGO - Ha ha, you haven't seen the yard we're moving to! You can't give me a hand...not in YOUR condition!
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