Friday, May 19, 2006


Happy Birthday to me, I think...

Blimey guv'ner! Is it the weekend already?! There was me thinking that being the first full week I've worked for a while it would drag our something awful and it's just zoomed by. That's great in many respects, but bad in so far as I've acheieved very little this week as well.

I keep meaning to check when it was I started my blog because I think I just missed it's 1 year anniversary. I distinctly remember writing an entry last year about our wedding anniversary, and with that just around the corner, I'm certain it was around about this time last year that I started my humble blog on MyBlogSite.

A lot has changed since then...I've tried Livejournal, moved to Blogger, attempted to upload movies and audio posts with some success. I've participated in Half-Nekkid Thursday and met in real life and chatted online with new people directly as a result of my blog. Some people (for whatever insane reason) have stuck with me, and others have disappeared - in most cases I think thats been because of a lack of common ground, and that's fine. There's no point in hanging around my blog if you're not interested in me, my life or what I have to say.

Anyway, six or seven months on from changing to Blogger I'm still unsure about whether to stay with it. I'm enjoying Livejournal a lot and I think I'll be giving it some serious thought over the coming weeks about moving my blog there permanently - I think it may rely on me getting a paid account though, as I need more features to really allow myself to tailor it to the way I want it.

Well, whenever it was, Happy Birthday to my blog! May it continue to evolve and grow!

Congratulations - Happy BlogDay Gabby!

Here's to many more glorious years of blogging, whether it's on blogspot or LJ :-)

Have a great weekend!
Happy Birthday blog!
Happy Blog Birthday! I'll try not to abandon you!
Thank you all!
Happy Blogoversary Gabby! Not sure how long I've been reading you but I think I've been around a pretty good while! :) And my 1yr anniversary is coming up too -- in just a few days.
SS - Yes, you were certainly one of my earlier reads. You were around on my actual birthday, of that I'm certain! Man, THAT was a late night!
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