Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Catching Up With....Part 1

I'll blog about my weekend in another post to follow shortly (should be above this if you're reading later) but I wanted to cover all the comments that people left for me over the weekend.

I decided instead of posting replies to each of them where the original comments appeared you'd be more likely to find them here in a new entry, so if you left comments in the last 3 days or so, you're probably in this list:-

Scott & Julia: Yes we do get "House MD" but we've not watched it. I've been pleased to see Hugh Laurie expanding his career in the USA though, and enjoyed him in the Stuart Little movies too. I have to admit though that Blackadder seems to have a brilliant combination of talents behind it that just works wonderfully. I have the whole set on DVD which includes all he "specials" they did (Christmas Carol, The Cavalier Years, and the Millennium Dome episode). Genius!

Ann: More on the PSB gig in my next entry of course but it was AWESOME! And for your letter meme (hope you have time to do it) I bequeath you "big fat" W!

SS: From my experience (Canada) the banks there are still a little more personal, so hopefully my banking experience when we move will be a lot nicer. It didn't used to be so awful here but as an example, I asked for a credit reference from MY branch in Stratford Upon Avon - the reference letter ended up coming from some nameless entity over 100 miles away in Bristol who doesn't know me from Adam! For all they know I could be thousands of pounds in debt with some other bank right now!

Serai: I've been ripping to MP3 at the highest quality iTunes offers (having now checked)...not sure what the deal is yet with the PSB's stuff...

Garry: Ditto what I said above to Serai, and yes we would love to keep in touch, so we'll let you know of our movements as soon as we know what they are ourselves!!!!

Tish: Last but by no means least...I'm going to give you an "R" for the meme - ROOTBEER had better be in there!!!

*sniff* I feel left out. :(
OGO - But you didn't comment since I left! Let that be a lesson to you!
All done, I should have added the word Waffle to that list of 10 which is what I've just done!
I posted my meme! And Root Beer is there!
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