Thursday, May 11, 2006


Blah, blah, flippin' blah.

I'm just taking a break from pinning price tags to old baby clothes to do a blog, and finding that I actually have very little to say.

It's been pretty busy lately, although motivation is still low. Work has been more hectic than usual too which makes me even more prone to wanting to just veg out at the end of the day.

I have managed to get my butt in gear on some things though, including making some proper enquiries into booking a container for the move and finding someone to convert our money from sterling to Canadian dollars. The container situation shouldn't be a problem - being in the business helps of course - and I'm hoping to squeeze a discounted rate or at least some flexibility on the free time we're allowed to load the container. Tentative date for loading it is June 14th, three days before we fly.

Thanks to Garry I've seen the light and realised that using my bank to convert my currency is a very very bad idea as they will not give me a decent exchange rate. I've taken on board some recommendations and shopped around, and am hoping to have made the right choice, but we'll see. You can be certain that if things don't go well, I'll be naming and shaming. I already foresee that my bank will kick up a fuss about the amount of money I will be taking out of their hands, so I need to take them to task BEFORE I move it.

Tomorrow I am not at work - hurrah! Our childminder is taking some days off and Martha and I have been taking it in turns to take Audrey while the other goes to work. Today was Martha's turn, and tomorrow is mine. Hopefully the weather will stay fine and we can go up to the playground or do something outside...

Anyway, had better get back to work on this stuff - it wont sell itself!

Btw, I meant to comment on the dentist post below but I forgot. If I were you, I wouldn't worry about finding a dentist. I would worry about finding a family doctor. The sooner you start your search, the better. Family doctors are a dying breed in Ontario and it's very, very difficult to get one. You might not need to get one for yourselves if you are generally in good health, you can probably just go to an "orphan" clinic. However, it's probably a good idea for Audrey to have a good family doctor that can see you whenever there's a problem, instead of having to go to Emergency with her. Good luck!

I can remember when I moved out to Belgium, all the palaver around that was bad enough. I was fortunate that Brussels is only 2 hrs on Eurostar and I had a British boyfriend at the time. It must be 10 x worse for you going across an ocean.

Good luck with the packing, I'll be helping you in spirit!
Scott & Julia - Hopefully we have the doctor aspect covered. Firstly, I apparently have to insure myself for the first three months as I'm not allowed to take medical treatment from your health service during that time...thats OK for me but fortunately Martha's Mom has had a talk with their family doctor and it looks like he's willing to take us all on. It might not help if we move away from that area in due course, but initially it's really great!

Ann - In spirit!? What good is that!!! Get your butt up here and help pack a few boxes!!! ;-p
I think it's nice that you are having some time off to spend with Audrey, I am sure it will help her cope with the coming upheavals.

As for banks, isn't it just typical they expect you to use them for everything, and yet do they reward that loyalty? Nope they take the approach of 'well we already have your money anyway....' I hate banks...
Serai - It's been a good day with her so far...banks are not my best friend either...I still haven't called them...think I'll leave it until Monday, as I'm having too nice a day for them to spoil it now.
I totally understand your not wanting to deal with it all. I wish I could just sit and do nothing the moment I come home from work.
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