Monday, May 08, 2006


"Anyone who wanted to could contact me"


I've changed the email settings on my blog.

I've set up a temporary Yahoo email account which I'll use during the course of the move, so if you comment on my blog or want to get in touch with me I should be able to see it assuming I can access a computer - however it's set up to forward emails to our regular home address at the moment anyway.

Anyone who knows our existing UK home email, please note that this HAS NOT been changed and will remain in place until we leave, at which point you should use the Yahoo email address. We'll let you know our new email address once we have one in Canada.

If you've ever wanted our email address or simply want to ensure we tell you our new one when we have it, then now's your chance to get in touch and say so. Contact me or Martha on


The weekend, just gone, was pretty good.

The weather rermained fine for the most part, even though there was a call for rain, it stayed away when we needed it to.

Just before we took off for swimming on Saturday morning we had a knock on the door from the Jehovah's Witnesses which Martha fielded. After telling them she wasn't interested in their publication, the woman said to Martha "But, don't you want the world to be a better place?" to which Martha replied "Yes, but I still don't want your magazine!" Afterwards Martha and I discussed how they might actually achieve more if they handed out actual bible's (like the Gideons) rather than a crappy magazine. Martha recalled one time when we were in our long distance relationship where I had aquired one of these JW's publications, the front cover of which showed a drawing of a child hugging a panda bear. How sweet! My comment to Martha was that in all likelihood the panda would actually sooner bite the childs head off than be hugged. I can only suspend my disbelief so far! I'd be interested to know if the JW's actually do manage to recruit anyone with their cold call canvassing.

Saturday then rather drifted by, and in the evening after Audrey was in bed, Martha and I didn't feel inclined to do anything about packing a trend which we'd started at the beginning of the week. Instead we sat down to watch "A History of Violence" on DVD.

It's the latest David Cronenberg film, and stars Viggo Mortensen and Maria Bello (so lots of "shwing" factor for viewers of both sexes). The film is pretty good, although in the usual Cronenberg way it's not really outstandingly awesome. I expect a certain level of competent direction and story from Cronenberg which is probably why I like him, but with the possible exception of something more mainstream like "The Fly" his films tend to lack the *wow* factor. This was a bit more "down to earth" than your average Cronenberg movie though - there was no weirdness, or real horror to speak of. Yes, it's a tad bloody and violent in places, but it's plot driven and all with good reason. Whilst I stop short of wholeheartedly recommending Cronenberg movies to all and sundry, his films are always worth a look if you like a bit of weirdness and are not too squeamish. This is one of his less offensive offerings though, so if you're stuck for a DVD to rent one night it might be worth a look.

On Sunday we went across to my parents for lunch. The usual good time was had by all, and we went for a long walk across the fields at the back of their house, with Audrey once again proving she could one day become quite the trekker.

Back at home I set my sights on packing at least one box before the week was out. I figured it would take me about an hour to do one box, and started at 9pm bubblewrapping some picture/photo frames and a chess set. By 11pm I still wasn't's only ONE measly box! Arrgh!

We have seriously got to get our butts in gear!

How BIG are your boxes? :)
OGO - Big enough for 10 Photo/Picture Frames, a mirror, a photobox, a Chess Set, 3 Ceramic Flowerpots, 3 Mugs, and 1 Box of Personal keepsakes/jewellery...does that help?
I'm there. Sounds like as good a flick as has been put out lately.
CCB - I don't know you well enough, but if I had to guess, I think it'd be a movie you'd enjoy. You should watch it and let me know if I'm right or not!
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