Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Another Birthday!

It's just non stop birthdays in May - so many in fact that I haven't mentioned some of them here on my blog. Not because I'm a meanie or anything, but I have my reasons...

Anyway, this one goes out to my sister-in-law! What is it this year? 21 again?! ;-p

Happy Birthday!
Hope you have a wonderful day
and we'll see you REALLY REALLY soon!!!! Eeeeek!

Happy birthday Gabby's sis-in-law!
Happy B-Day GabbySissytaurus! Hope every birthday is your 21rst!
Happy Birthday, Gabby's Sister in law!
Hey, I've known people who've been 21 for forty years.

I've never been in the UK during August. Apparently, that's the fun month. . . At least around you guys.
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