Monday, April 10, 2006


Yeah, but no, but yeah, but no, but..oh shut up!

Here are some still shots from the new Pet Shop Boys video for "I'm With Stupid" menacingly ripped by me from Popjustice (link over on the left thank you very much). Am I excited? Is the Pope Catholic?

It stars
Matt Lucas and David Walliams who are somewhat the darlings of British comedy at the moment although some might argue they've almost outstayed their remains to be seen whether the PSB's will have an adverse effect on their careers, or whether they will have a positive effect on the PSB's careers. It could go either way I guess - or maybe they'll just drag each other down together!

The video will get its first airplay on
Channel 4 on Friday at a quarter to midnight.

So, on first inspection I guess the video's not going to be too serious then!

LOL, I am glad you have something to geek out about, everyone should. : )
MyUtopia - Thanks for humouring me! I agree, but I try not to bore people about it either - trouble is that right now there's a lot of publicity for them, so naturally I'll be a little more geeky now than I might normally.
So, you can guarantee there'll be a power cut at 11:44pm on Friday night...

Walliams and Lucas were funny, until they started repeating the same jokes over and over. It could be worse, they could have used Catherine Tate who never had a funny joke to start with.
Ann - And if there is a power cut at 11.44pm I'll know who to blame! I agree, Walliams and Lucas have been recycling the jokes for a while now which whilst very funny the first time around do wear a bit thin after a while. And I'm 100% with you on Catherine Tate, the talentless tart.
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