Tuesday, April 11, 2006


This week I am mostly listening to....

It's been a while since I've done this, and inspired by Deb's music mixes from hell, I thought I'd share with you some of the songs I'm enjoying on the radio at the moment. These are all currently in the Top 40 UK singles chart. I've added a few comments to explain myself too...

Gnarls Barkley - Crazy
Yes, it's overplayed, yes, it's overhyped, but it is a pretty good song...but I'm almost sick of it.

Mary J Blige & U2 - One
I like this more than I might care to admit. Mary J Bilge (sic) is not someone I particularly enjoy, but I rather like this. The ridiculous ending is completely unnecessary though - Bono really should have told her singing "whoooooo one love!" at the end was surplus to requirement!

Black Eyed Peas - Pump It
They just make me laugh, what can I say? Not as good as "Don't Phunk With My Heart" though!

Streets - When You Wasn't Famous
I never ever thought I'd admit to liking a song by the Streets, but it's happened. The tune is catchy, and the lyrics are quite funny. I find it quite charming.

Madonna - Sorry
Still enjoying this a lot, although I am almost sick of it. Time for a new single Madge?

Feeling - Sewn
Lots of people were raving about this so I jumped on the bandwagon. It's kind of outside of my normal musical tastes, but I like the lyrics and it bobs along quite nicely. It's pretty harmless stuff actually.

Sugababes - Red Dress
I really like the Sugababes yet we don't own much of their stuff. They pick good songs to sing, have a slightly "dirty/slutty" appeal, and it all makes for a good pop package. This is what Girl Power should have been about from the start instead of Sporty, Spikey, Mingy, Stinky and Spongy.

Editors - All Sparks
This is a bit Joy Division in style. I liked it from the very first listen. I've heard it said that it's a rather depressing song, but I haven't noticed...I guess I've not listened to the lyrics that closely.

Red Hot Chilli Peppers - Dani California
A late entry I almost forgot to add here because it's not actually out yet so therefore not in the chart! It's the latest RHCP song and I really really like it...never been a big fan but never given them a chance either to be fair. This one got me hooked right away though.

Now, in spite of enjoying these songs, chances are I wont buy them, download them or anything. However, never let it be said that it's only ever about the Pet Shop Boys!

The Bilge / U2 thing is pretty awful. She sings over the top in hysterics that Maria Carey would think was overblown. The beautifully understated original is much much much better.

Only song I've heard recently on the radio that I really like is 'American Baby' by the Dave Matthews Band but that's because I *REALLY* like the Dave Matthews Band and I *SO* want them to play a date over here...

Looking at the current Top 40 I have to say - there must be 60%+ of the songs I haven't heard and have no desire to hear.

Wow. I'm becoming a TOG.
Thanks for reminding me how achingly un-hip I am!
G - I wondered if this would prompt a response from you! I agree that the Mariah style of over dramatic singing is something I usually hate with a passion. I guess the fact that it is U2 on it gives it some weight. As a self confessed dummy when it comes to all things U2 I don't really expect this is a patch on the original, but I really have absolutely no idea! Also see my response to Ann...

Ann - Does that mean I'm hip?! I have to admit to feeling like I'm in a musical no-mans land. I hop between Radio 1 and 2 with spells where I simply can't abide either of them and thats when I usually put on my own CD's. Radio 1 DJ's are way too fond of themselves, and for the longest time the music was dreadful (almost exclusively R'n'B and rap, ugh!), but they seem to have improved of late, playing a good mix of current and surprisingly older stuff too and not getting too forced into any one genre. Radio 2 certainly has some interesting in between the songs bits, but I don't really enjoy listening to 50's and 60's music as a general rule, so prefer it when they play the 80's and more current stuff. What I really need is a radio station thats a combination of the two...if anybody knows of such a place let me know!
Gabby, have you tried Virgin Radio? I think it's only on AM (1215) outside London but you can get it on digital. That has mainly 80's, 90's and current stuff on its playlist. Suggs (from Madness) does a pretty good show on a Friday evening. Christian O'Connell is good on the breakfast show, he's quite funny.

I agree with you about Radio 1 presenters - I haven't listened to Radio 1 for myself for many years, Georgia had it on once and they were so awful (forget who it was), he made Zoe Ball look interesting and down-to-earth.
Ann - I have tried Virgin radio...I used to not mind it actually, but I found there was a lot of bad 70's & 80's rock on it that I really can't abide. I guess I'll never be 100% happy with any radio station and you havew to take the wheat with the chaff. Radio 1 is probably the closest I can get to what I like these days but I wish they'd stop trying to be "cool" and deciding "not" to play stuff. If it's in the Top 40 they should be playing it regardless of whether they think it's shite or not.

As for Zoe Ball - don't even go there...Sara Cox comes a close second...talentless tarts the both of them.
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