Friday, April 21, 2006


Thank God It's Friday!

I mean that most sincerely.

As expected the four day week felt much longer and I for one am glad it's over.

I had hoped to do a newsy blog tonight, but to be honest I'm tired and could really do with an early night. It'll have to wait until who reads blogs at the weekend anyway - I'd hate for anyone to miss my news! ;-)

We all appear to be coming down with colds AGAIN! Audrey's got a nasty cough, but I've just put her down for the night and haven't heard a peep, so presumably she just passed out when her head hit the pillow. Martha's complaining of a chesty cough, and I just feel headachy.

So here's the plan - hot cup of cocoa and early to bed, pump myself full of vitamin C tomorrow, and hope to goodness it doesn't get worse.

It's Spring now - cold season is meant to be over!

Bon weekend everyone!

NO! Not a cold! I hate colds. Have some Chicken soup it'll make you feel better.
Hope you feel better soon - I'd tend to go down the alcoholic route, just the smell of Talisker (single malt whisky) is enough to clear my tubes. You can't not blog cos it's the weekend, you've got us all in suspense now!!
OGO - Hmm, chicken soup is meant to be good isn't far (Saturday lunchtime) I'm still OK though!

Ann - I usually resort to hot whiskies once my cold is in full flow - they help me sleep better (that's my excuse anyway). I'd usually try to use the cheapo stuff for that though but if single malt is all that's available my arm could be twisted!
:( oh no I am a looser, I read blogs on the weekend!
MyUtopia - Sorry nothing to see here!
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