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Found this over on Tish's blog and it looked interesting!

The challenge is to recommend three movies that most people may not know about and say why you like them.

Cool! I'm up for some of that action!

1. Last Night
Canadian actor Don McKellar's directing debut is a funny, thought provoking and sad take on the final hours before the world comes to an end. The lives of several people become intertwined as we discover how they deal with their imminent demise in different ways. There are noteworthy performances from Sandra Oh and Canadian cult director David Cronenberg. It's wonderfully understated at a time when other movies about the earths doom seem to revolve around how many special effects you can cram into 90 minutes.

2. Yume (Dreams)
Akira Kurosawas "Dreams" is a collection of short, unconnected stories which are based upon dreams that the director actually had. Some stories miss the mark, but when they do hit they're bullseye's and every moment of the film is beautifully shot as you'd expect from Kurosawa. With thought provoking stories and a cameo from Martin Scorcese playing Vincent Van Gogh, it'd be hard to find something in here that didn't appeal to everyone, although you could possibly find yourself wading through some stuff you don't like. It is worth it though!

3. Serenity
Not exactly *unknown* but certainly desperately overlooked, this was Joss Whedon's grand finale for his unceremoniously cancelled sci-fi/Western TV show Firefly. The franchise was given a new lease of life on the big screen thanks to fans lobbying for it to be given a second chance. Firefly was an extremely entertaining and well crafted piece of science fiction, both witty and exciting, and on a more adult level than anything like Star Trek ever did. In fact, if you hate Star Trek you should really give Firefly a chance, because the two franchises could not be more different! The movie Serenity picks up from where the TV show left off, but it's not necessary to have seen all 14 episodes of the TV series to figure out whats going on although it certainly helps to be familiar with the characters and their traits. The movie is, like the TV show, funny, exciting, action packed, and has an interesting story that leaves you wanting to find out more at the end. Sadly it looks increasingly likely that we will never find out what Whedon had planned for the story, because although it had "mediocre" success at the cinema the growing DVD sales of both the TV show and the movie seem to be too little too late for the big film studios who obviously prefer to make a quick buck rather than pin their hopes on a slow burner. Nevertheless it looks to me like they'll still be happily cashing cheques from this cult franchise for many years to come.

Gabby, thanks for playing! I'll definitely check these movies out. I haven't seen any of them, but I'll put them on my Netflix queue! Have a great day!
Haven't seen the first two, but I've seen Serenity several times, and we own the Firefly and Serenenity DVDs. Love it, love it, love it! Stupid Fox network! They're always cancelling some of the best shows (another example is Arrested Development)

"Take my love, take my land, take me where I cannot stand
I don't care, I'm still free, You can't take the sky from me."
D'oh, guess I should haved checked my spelling before I hit Publish!
Tish - Thank you for inspiring a post - I had a bit of writers block today!

Scott & Julia - Serenenity! LOL! You're just wishing it was longer and with good reason...Martha and I love this show/movie and there are a few fellow bloggers on my Chums list that will agree too. Just trying to do my bit by spreading the word.
I haven't seen the other 2 - but you *know* I've seen Serenity (and, of course, Firefly).

You do know I've hooked another person, right?

Constellation42 went out and bought her own set. :)

Deb - To be honest I think the hardest part is persuading people to see it in the first place. The show and movie stand up for themselves just fine on their own, but sometimes you just can't lead the horse to the water!
I liked the following:

1. Cake: Excellent gang/mob flick with super suprising ending.

2. Amazon Women on the Moon: Laughed my ass off!

3. Somewhere in Time: Saddest damn flick I ever watched. This one and Old Yeller are the only flicks that have made me cry.
CCB - Old Yeller?! Best doggone dog in the West?! I'm speechless.
I must admit, I've not seen or heard of these film before, will surely look them up.

Actually as it's such a good meme I think I'll nick it for my blog!
Ann - At a guess from reading your blog, I'd guess the first two would be more up your street. Serenity is really a Hollywood blockbuster...the only thing that sets it apart from the crowd is the tale of how something so well conceived got zero support from the movie studios, yet the self same studios seem totally content to churn out annual blockbuster crap which obviously has far less thought and love put into it.
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