Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Stay out of the shower HNT!

It seems to be the way of things that I do nothing about HNT all week and then on Wednesday night panic sets in and I have to come up with an idea.

Given more set up time I think we'd have plenty to choose from, but I really put Martha under pressure on a Wednesday evening to deliver the goods so we try to opt for movie posters that hopefully turn out to be easy to recreate.

This one doesn't really need any introduction. I you haven't seen it by now then you've either just arrived from another planet or have been living as a hermit for the past 50 years. Hang your head in shame if you haven't seen it and if you can't bear to admit it make sure you rent or buy it now so nobody ever needs to know what a fool you've been all this time!

At the time I guess this movie was extremely shocking, but what I find the most scary about it are the appalling sequels which were enough to send anyone into a murdering frenzy...with any luck targeting the people who actually thought it was a good idea to make them.

Happy HNT everybody!

fabulous again! last week was quire scary too....

now i really want to see you now being soft? thats your challenge for next week. can you be cool yet conventional. can anyone?! are there any movies about soft people even? apart from gump. ignore me. it'd be crap. stick with what you're doing its fine to be wierd kid. i like it.
I love psycho! The original not the crap remake
Ugh, great, now I'm going to have nightmares all night! I'm not taking a shower anymore, thanks a lot Gabby :P

Happy HNT!
Very good! I think I'll stick to taking baths from now on...
Umm Gabby, you actually look scarier than the original!
Very original but I'm not taking a shower with you. LOL.

Happy HNT sweetie ;)
Very cool. HHNT
I agree with Serai - the look in your eyes is way more murderous than Anthony Perkins -- I won't be staying at your hotel, if that's okay.
GREAT effects! VERY cool! HHNT
lol on the comments. it is the suspense and the suggestions that let the viewer use imagination that works for it. terrific post again. happy HNT!
Always creative :) HHNT!
OK you crack me up! LOL good job again! HHNT
I like yours better than the original!
again with the laughter!! You crack me up with these movie posters!!

Happy HNT u psycho!
I'm watching you, mister! Yes, I am watching you...........
i loved {psycho}, anthony perkins is SCARY. u make a good psycho too, HHNT :)
Great HNT Gabby!
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