Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Random Dithering

It seems I have increasingly less time to blog at home, and increasingly more time to blog at work. I know I'm lucky to be working for my parents and that I can get away with this sort of thing. I know a time will come when I wont be so fortunate and I'll have to blog around a completely different schedule. However, before anyone has a go, I am doing this during my lunch hour, so it's not as if anyone else is doing any work either, and if the phone rings I'm still "on duty".

I'm still muddling through this tummy bug I've had since Friday. It's not crippled me in the same way that horrible 24 hour bug did a while ago, but five days of dull ache and the occasional sharp stab can get pretty wearing on a person after a while. I tried to drink lots of water yesterday to flush it out but it doesn't appear to have made the slightest difference, so I've resigned myself to just eating and drinking as I normally would and hopefully it'll just run its course.

I've been trying to think of something worth blogging about, but unfortunately I've drawn a blank - that's what four days off will do to you I suppose. Of course you can bet your bottom dollar that even though it's a four day week it will actually feel more like 8 days come Friday.

Anyway, this long weekend has allowed us to take stock a bit and over the coming weeks we've got plenty of things to do and look forward to.

So, I think before this post gets any more obscure I'll sign off. I promise there'll more clarity in the future!

First-You are the only blogger I've seen that has any remorse for blogging at work.

Second- I hope you feel better. It really stinks to have a bug hang on like that.

Third- I've already formulated my own ideas so obscure post away!
OGO - Thanks OGO, and I would LOVE to hear the ideas you've formulated! That could be source for some amusement!
Get well soon!
MyUtopia - Thanks, I am actually feeling a bit better since I wrote that entry!
Gabbyworld Annworld and Seraiworld all twinned this week I think, could this be Bagpuss syndrome, and if so which one of us is that loveable old cloth cat?
Serai - Who would want to claim to be "baggy and a bit loose at the seams"? OK, I'll put my hand up to it - at least Emily loves me!
Apathy ru
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