Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Music Meme

I’ve seen this doing the rounds in blogland before, but never done it, so when I saw it over on Sammykate’s Livejournal I decided it was time to give it a go now that all my CD’s are in iTunes.

Set your iPod (or whatever) to "shuffle," then write down the next 20 songs that come up, adding the phrase "in my pants" to each. It's ridiculously childish but I dare you not to chuckle at at least some of these!

Oh what larks Pip!

1. 1963 in my pants - New Order
2. Big Time Sensuality in my pants - Björk
3. Hopelessly Devoted To Them in my pants - The Housemartins
4. Titanic in my pants - Falco
5. I Wouldn't Normally Do This Kind Of Thing in my pants - Pet Shop Boys
6. Tear It Up in my pants - Queen
7. King Of Pain in my pants - The Police
8. You Only Tell Me You Love Me When You're Drunk in my pants - Pet Shop Boys
9. Fall Out in my pants - The Police
10. Old Red Eyes Is Back in my pants - The Beautiful South
11. Don Juan in my pants - Pet Shop Boys
12. I Held Her In My Arms in my pants - Violent Femmes
13. So Hard in my pants - Pet Shop Boys
14. Caramia in my pants - Indigo Girls
15. Mooz in my pants - 808 State
16. Ship Of Fools in my pants – Erasure
17. Don't Let's Start in my pants - They Might Be Giants
18. Second Nature in my pants - Electronic
19. One Last Try in my pants - Ganymede
20. Sweet Lips in my pants – Monaco

And the bonus track:-
I Love You in my pants - Erasure

LOL! I really am sitting here chuckling at these. Most all of them had me giggling and I'm not even sure I can pick a fav b/c there are several that are a riot!!!
Hahaha! Very childish (but very fun!)
SS - Yeah I was laughing so much I ended up doing 21 songs by mistake!

Ann - Very childish...but if you can't have some fun like that every now and then, what's the point eh?!
Yay! So silly!

I think I especially like, "Don't Let's Start in my pants"
Sammykate - Thanks for dropping by! Like Southern Sweetheart I can't pick a favourite - so many of them worked well.
Yes this made me laugh too, and against my better judgement I will probably have a go, and see what happens.....'in my pants'.
Double dipping just to mention I did it and it's up on my blog, why is it the Bonus track is always the best one?
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