Monday, April 10, 2006


Mmmm, the land of chocolate!

So what happened this weekend?

Well not a lot, and quite a lot I guess.

On Saturday I took it upon myself to have a sort through my Coca-Cola collection. Newer readers will have missed my blog about my fascination for all things Coca-Cola when I was a teenager which steadily grew into boxfuls of cans, bottles, tins, toys, soft furnishings and goodness knows what else. At one stage I even had a broken down Coke fridge in my bedroom which I used as a display case for all my Coke stuff.

Anyway, on our last move I didn't chuck any of it away, even though it had all been packed and never reopened pretty much since I got married. I always hoped one day I'd have a house and room big enough to display some of the more unusual items, but that has never happened yet, and I am still kind of hoping that one day it will.

Since we're in the middle of a rather large Spring clean though, I thought it was time to break open the storage boxes and see what had survived three house moves. Suprisingly it was quite a lot, although if anyone reading this has unopened cans of any kind of drink in storage I suggest you go check on them, because what I found wasn't a pretty site! They don't explode, but they do seep! Yuck!

I've thrown away a good chunk of my empty cans, keeping back only the ones that are in some way visually interesting - that's to say ones which are clearly in different langauges (I have ones from Dubai, Korea and I think Japan), or have interesting designs on the whole can. Anything with a special offer or movie/Olympic tie-in went straight in the garbage.

I also chucked away a lot of bottles because they were badly scuffed, and kept only the ones that were pristine. Anything with a paper label was immediately rejected. I also rediscovered a bottle which was given to me by Martha's grandparents - it's straight sided (predating the now famous bottle shape) with "Coca-Cola" moulded into the glass and dates from the early 1900's. Oh yeah, THAT's a keeper alright!

I also found sets of Coke glasses and tumblers, some amazing gadgets and toys which I just can't bear to let go of.

In the end I was up until nearly 3am Saturday night (well Sunday morning) sorting all this stuff out and lovingly repacking it into boxes. On Sunday morning I went down to the local recycling place and dumped all the bottles and cans I'd rejected. I can't say it felt good, but I didn't feel any sadness or regret either. At the end of the day, they're just aluminium and glass and I felt good about recycling them rather than putting them in the garbage for landfill.

As a result of the late night Sunday was a bit of a washout. Martha and I struggled to do anything worthwhile and ended up watching "Field Of Dreams" on TV (one of Kevin Costners finer moments I think - and makes this grown man cry every flippin' time!) and later once Audrey was in bed we saw "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" which is just bloody brilliant!

I'm sorry for all the people who have a soft spot for the Gene Wilder version of this book, but this is so much better. It's still not 100% true to the book, but it IS true to the spirit of Roald Dahl, which is something the "Candyman" song will never ever be.

I think kids actually want to be scared and grossed out when they're being entertained, and as long as the overall intent is not sinister and in good clean fun, I'm all for it. I think there is a sense of wonder and amazement at this sort of thing that kids don't get with something that is all sugarcoated in the extreme and this actually allows kids to realise that the world is also a dangerous and unforgiving place and they need to be wary of what is out there, without completely scaring them to death.

Anyway, it's the start of another week and Easter looms like a giant chocolate egg. I'm not a religious man as many of you know, but let's not forget that it's not all about how sick we can make ourselves on candy, and it's definitely not about bunnies.

Have a good one!

My brother in law collects Coca Cola stuff too. Dishes,glasses, and napkin holders just to name a few. My favorite thing is his bench with the Coca cola emblem on the back it's kinda cool.
OGO - Well if I ever decide to sell up, I know where to go to first.
I know what you mean about kids loving being scared to death. My stepmonster first saw Sleepy Hollow when she was 6 and loves it(her mother let her watch it - it freaks me out). I think kids are better able to suspend reality and know what's real and what's pretend than we are.
I have a Coke penguin Christmas ornament that I'd like to relieve myself of if you'd like to add it to your collection. I also have access to Coke bottles from Mexico.
Ann - I vaguely remember enjoying Sleepy Hollow and wanting it on DVD but never got around to buying it. I think you're right though! As a kid I watched "Monkey!" almost religiously, and it never did me any harm - unless you count the fact that my lips are never synchronised to my speech nowadays.

JennyBabe - Sounds cool! I may just get back to you on that, but right now life is too much mayhem to contemplate it! If you really want rid of it though remind me again in a few months!
Spring cleaning time!
MyUtopia - Spring clean? More like turn the house upside down, shake it, and see how it looks after that! Argh!
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