Sunday, April 16, 2006


Long Weekend

Oh my God! A post!
No I hadn't disappeared off the face of the earth (OK, who groaned with disappointment at the back?) but because we're in the middle of a long weekend I kind of took a break from blogging and very nice it's been too, although I have once or twice thought I should do an update.

Good Friday was a gorgeous day for weather, but unfortunately we stayed inside for much of it because we needed to tidy up the house for some people who were coming to view it. We did manage to get out into the garden though - I mowed the lawn (gotta love that fresh mown grass smell!) and Audrey got to play outside too.

At one stage Audrey was playing with a puzzle which has a picture of a dog in a kennel on it - next to the kennel is a sign that says "DOG". I wasn't especially paying attention, but she very quickly got my attention when she said to me totally unprompted "That says *DOG*!" and pointed to the sign on the picture, then proceeded to spell it "D...O...G...W!" OK, close enough - I'm not about to get picky!!!

Anyway, in the middle of the day Martha and I both complained of not feeling quite right in the tummy, and even tody we're still not 100%. Nothing major, but obviously some annoying little bug we've got from somewhere.

By the end of the day we weren't feeling up for much else, so we watched a couple of episodes of Firefly and waited for the Pet Shop Boys video of "I'm With Stupid" to be shown on TV. It was pretty funny and its nice to see them not taking themselves too can see the video on their website now too.

On Saturday we again didn't seem to achieve much. Did the usual grocery shop, then I spent the afternoon cooking...a chocolate cake to take to my parents on Sunday, some fresh pasta and pork schnitzels for supper. In the evening we watched the first of the new season of Doctor Who, which I think was a triumph. I never had any reservations about David Tennant taking on the role of the Doctor after Christopher Eccleston and I'm very excited about the sneak peeks we've had of future episodes too. I was also going through some boring paperwork which I guess was something I needed to do, but I ended up getting sidetracked and surfing quite a bit too, so all in all not a terribly productive day.

This morning we got Audrey up and she searched the house for Easter eggs that we had hidden the night before. By the end of breakfast she had scoffed a whole one (they were about the size of a regular egg not huge) but that kept her buzzing all day! We spent the rest of the day at my parents, so we got all our stuff together, including the cake and some frogspawn from our pond which Dad wanted to put into his - now THAT is a gross job...putting frogspawn into a jar! Yeuch!

As we were getting ready to leave we piled all the gear up at the front door, and without a thought I put the chocolate cake on top of Audrey's potty (which we remembered this time!). Next thing you know I see Audrey looking at the cake, she raised both her hands and *splat* pressed them right into the middle of it! I didn't give her too much of a hard time about it because I realised it was an idiotic place for me to put it, but what was funnier was afterwards she kept insisting "I DIDN"T touch the cake!"

Ooh, the little fibber!

Anyway, we got to my folks without any further incident and had a great time there. Good food and good drink as always, and we went for a nice walk down by the nearby canal where Audrey fell asleep in her carrier. While we were there Dad's dog, Delilah, went for a dip and we saw some cows which we got up close to which I think Audrey got a kick out of...I tried to feed them some grass but they weren't interested.

Also, while we were at Mum and Dad's Audrey was playing around with this blanket...MY blanket to be precise! I was inseparable from this blanket as a kid, which earned me the title of Linus (from Peanuts). It was pretty cool because it used to have *arms* which you could tie around you then use the blanket to ride down the stairs on! A bumpy ride yes, but endless fun! Anyway, it's nice to see that all these years later Audrey is getting some fun out of it too.

So now we're back home and chilling out. One more day off to go and then it's back to work...I guess I'd better make it count!

Sounds like you guys had a busy go of it this weekend. Audrey looks so cute wrapped in your blanket. It's nice to be able to share something of your childhood with her isn't it?
Sounds like you had a good weekend, gorgeous picture of Audrey :-)
SS - Yes it has been busy in it's own way...just not constructive...that blanket is getting a bit scrofulous now - remember it's over 30 years old!

Ann - Thanks. She's been great all weekend...back to the grind tomorrow!
The picture is too cute!
MyUtopia - Yeah, aren't those cows just the cutest! ;-p
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