Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Little Fluffy Clouds

This is a cute little thing I saw over on Serai's blog.

It's a "word cloud" formed from words taken out my blog so it's sort of concentrated "essence de Gabby"!

The idea is that it goes on a T-Shirt but I don't think I'm quite that vain yet.

I've reproduced it here in black and red fonts side by side because I think it looks groovy!

If you want to do it too, click here!

Pretty Groovy!

Hey! I'm typing a comment for you and MSN just told me you left ME a message. Spooky.
OGO - Yes I did just leave you a message - but shh, I'm still at work!
That would be awesome on a t-shirt!
MyUtopia - D'you think? Trouble is I tend not to wear clothes with logos/words on. I'm quite a plain Jane when it comes to clothing.
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