Wednesday, April 26, 2006


It finally happened...I'm slightly mad.

I'm taking half a day off today to take Audrey up to the local playgroup. Parents are encouraged to go for their first time to see if they are happy to be there, and then in a few weeks Audrey will be able to go once or twice a week on her own.

Fortunately, though, Audrey has actually already been up there because our childminder takes her daughter there too, so she already knows the turf a little bit even though she's not stayed there for any extended length of time. I think she may even have a few friends there too.

Obviously with the move she wont be there really long enough to properly adjust and we've been told it might not even be worth her going at all, but we'll see. Personally I think it's important for her to have these new experiences even if it is only going to be for a couple of days. Call me cruel, but I've never given a second thought to throwing Audrey into new situations because I think it helps her to be adaptable and hopefully in the long run more outgoing. I really hope she wont be as shy as me as an adult.

I'm also hoping Martha and I will be able to utilise this afternoon for getting some things done around the house too. It is so difficult to get motivated in the evenings after a day at work. By the time you've had supper and got Audrey to bed the last thing you want to do is turn you brain on to figuring out what you want to take to Canada, and packing it.

My mind gets easily flustered when I start to think of all the stuff we have to do between now and mid-June, and I should probably make a list of these things as I think of them. Maybe it wont seem so daunting when it's all written down on a sheet of paper.

It's in my nature to plan everything to the last detail, and if i don't dot every "i" and cross every "t" I'll surely be like a headless chicken. I should probably relax more, and try to be less anal about it all, I know, but I don't think that's going to happen with me. It's just not the way my mind works.

Oh crap, I also have to sort out an HNT tonight too - you see! There I go - my mind's racing off again! Argh!

Hang in there, before you know it, you will be living the life in Canada and all the stress of the move will be behind you.
I like to start a list well in advance of a trip of any sort. Then I can add to it when ever I think of something new. I find it's much more thorough for me.

Don't you work for your dad? I bet he's sad to see you go!
MyUtopia - Oh I hope you're right!

OGO - Yes I do work for my parents...and yes it's causing some major rumblings in the business, but I can't really say any more than that...
It's amazing how resilient kids are, when I think about what my stepdaughter has gone through in her short life and now normal she seems, I do think little 'uns cope with these things better than we do.

You'll get there and at the end of the day, what doesn't get done doesn't get done and it's not like Canada's off the edge of the known world and you can always buy new stuff!
Ann - Audrey did great today. We sat there and she pottered off to paint and play with the other kids, so we've signed up for as many session we can get her into before we leave (about 13 I think). Good point about the move I's not like we're moving to the deepest recesses of the rainforest is it? If we did I wonder if we'd meet Sting and his plate swallowing mate?
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