Monday, April 24, 2006


Go West!

The more perceptive readers among you may have noticed recently that I've been dropping some hints about stuff going on in my life which has actually been making it incredibly hard to find time to do any blogging at all.

Yes, it's VERY busy chez Kagan right now because we're packing up all our belongings in preparation for our imminent departure from this house that we've been renting for almost a year, but to be honest it's where we're moving to that's more important.

We're leaving the UK and emigrating to Canada!

I know for some of you this isn't a surprise, but I'm fairly sure that there will be a few readers who's jaws just fell to the floor as well.

The "plan" to move started as a seed about 2 years ago. With house prices seeming to be at a peak we decided to sell up and rent. House prices have continued to rise a little since, but not as significantly as they had been, so I still feel fairly justified in selling when we did.

After that it was a case of getting together all the crap required to get a visa to remain in Canada. It's a "sponsorship" deal whereby Martha is my sponsor. I wont go into the nitty gritty, but needless to say it took several months, a medical examination, lots of passport sized photos and the exposure of some very personal and private letters between myself and Martha to the powers that be to get it.

My visa arrived in mid-March and I have to present myself to Canadian immigration before mid-August. That's not to say I must leave the UK and never come back, but we've decided that that is what we might as well do given our current situation.

We've handed in our notice at work, given the childminder notice as well, and we're trying to pack our stuff ready to ship it all to Canada and get all our affairs straightened out here. We're selling a bunch of stuff on eBay (mostly electricals) and we have one way flights booked for June 17th.

Am I scared? Hell yeah!

Am I exited? Hell yeah!

Am I thinking we'll never get all our stuff sorted out in time? Hell yeah!

So, now you know, and now you're going to hear about nothing else in my blog...well maybe not actually, but you'll be hearing a lot more about it that's for sure.

It may have also occurred to you that as a result there may be some disruption to this blog in the coming weeks and months. HNT is getting progressively harder to find the time to do, so that'll probably be the first thing to go. Fear not though, as I do plan to get back to blogging as normally as possible once things have settled down a bit (and once I have a computer/internet over there). I've even thought about refurbishing this blog or swopping entirely to something else, like Livejournal. A clean break if you like. We'll see.

Anyway, rest assured that I'll keep you all posted on whats going on and where you can contact us once we've found our feet in Martha's home and native land.

You can pick youselves up off of the floor now. Goodnight.

Wow, exciting times and big changes ahead!! You must feel quite exhilirated and at the same time scared.

Good luck for the packing, and I'll wish you 'bon voyage' nearer the time!
whooo hooo! I'm so glad you're finally posting this now! :) Congrats to you and Martha. I wish you well in all your future endeavors. I know you guys have a lot to undertake in the coming months. Come here to keep what sanity you can! ha! :)
Congrats! Good luck with your move. I remember how hard it was to move from Michigan to Texas (2,000 miles) I can't imagine what it will be like to travel to another country! You will love Canada, it is totally awesome.
Welcome, eh? ;)

So where are you moving to?
Canada, eh?

Good on you, Mate! Canada is lovely, and full of lovely people. Except the Quebec folks, unlewss of course that's where Martha's from, then it's GREAT!
Ann - Yes, BIG changes ahead...and very scary...

SS - Thank you! My sanity has long since departed though...

MyUtopia - Well, distance wise its not much further...hopefully Canada wont be too much of a culture shock from the UK.

Scott & Julia - Why d'you want to be neighbours?!

CCB - Thanks mister. No, Martha isn't from Quebec so you're safe...I'm the only person who makes geographical faux pas around here (see TechyMikes blog).
How in the world did I miss this post yesterday? Maybe I was delirious from the heat. That explains a lot! Wanna know what I thought was going on? I thought Martha was pregnant! I figured you were thinning out your Coke collection to make room for a new little one. Boy was I wrong!

Moving across country is crazy let alone over seas! Good luck to you on this! Don't forget us!
OGO - What, CCB didn't tell you?! Yes you were wrong, but I can at least see where you were coming from. Don't worry, I hope to be back with you all as soon as I can be...
Gabby, it would be awesome to be neighbours. We love Brits :)
Scott & Julia - Actually, if my geography is correct we'll be not *that* far away from you guys. We'll be basically in SW Ontario. We haven't quite worked out the fine details yet anyway, as it's all rather dependent on getting jobs and where those take us.
Good luck with moving, I almost moved to Canada a few years back myself, I was quite smitten with someone at the time. But I really really hate flying, and couldn't bear the thought of having to fly all the way back anytime I wanted to see my family.
Serai - Thanks...I think being smitten was what got Martha over to the UK in the first place. I have to admit though, over the years flying has become more of a chore than anything else.
I'm glad you finally "came out" --get your head out of the gutter, Gabby!!! :))) We're definitely watching and learning from you guys for when it comes our turn to make The Big Move back across the pond....
Carla - I think we've learned quite a lot from you guys about moving too actually. It's nice to know some people who are in the same boat who we can swop notes with.

We'll be neighbours!
Well, kinda maybe sorta not really

but thats still kewl!!

I'm biast, but I believe BC to be the best province here!! Where are you moving too??

Have "fun" with the move
Miss Lissa - Well, we're obviously moving to the second best province, Ontario! LOL...
Ontario? That's my home - welcome to Canada and welcome to Ontario, my friend.

If you need help translating things like "chips" into "french fries" or "lorry" into "truck" I'm your man to help. Just give me a shout, I'll take you to Tim Horton's (coffee) and I'll even teach you to end your sentences like a Canadian, eh?
Mark Leslie - LOL & thank you! On my last trip I discovered that Tim Horton's does great iced tea actually! Hopefully the language barrier wont be too difficult ;-p
The best of luck to you, Gabby!
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