Thursday, April 20, 2006


Go Ann, Go! Whizz Away, Whizz Away!

Over on Ann's blog is a link to this.

OK, that kind of defeats the object of going over to her blog, but check it out. She's doing the 5km Race for Life for Cancer Research and she needs sponsors! I've already put my ten quid in and you should too. I think they take overseas donations too, so no excuses from you non-UK readers!

Generally I'm not one to put my loose change into charity tins, but much prefer to give this way. It's more fun and more personal.

So get over there and lend her your support...

Go on, be off with you! Why are you still here reading this?

Thanks for the plug, Gabby!

This is a women-only 5K race on 3 May, and we have a team entered from work. Cancer Research organise many different Races for Life throughout the UK. I'll be posting pictures on my blog!

It is a very good cause, they do a lot of good work for cancer patients.
This is a great cause!
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