Thursday, April 27, 2006


A Gabby First!

Somewhat untypically of me I didn't blog about last's usually the first thing I do on a Sunday or Monday night, but I was rather eager to get my news about the Canada move out there which I'd been postponing for several days for one reason or another.

However, that's not to say that the weekend was any less important, and it was a bit of first for me and Martha.

On Sunday we roused ourselves out of bed at a time normally allocated for weekdays only and got in the car to go to Chester Zoo, which is a good two hour drive away. Yes, there are zoos much closer to us than that, but the intention of the trip was not strictly to enjoy the animals, but to meet up for the very first time with Canadian/British blogchums Carla and Garry and their baby son Jarrod.

What originally struck me about them, when I stumbled upon their blogs, was how incredibly similar their lives seemed to be to ours. I thought I'd found our doppelgangers, and after several months of email tennis we finally made arrangements to meet up.

It's fair to say I think that Martha and I are not the most outgoing and chatty people on the planet, so meeting up with relative strangers was quite a nerve racking experience, but we did have a good time at the zoo, and Carla and Garry were wonderful hosts. Also Jarrod is a super baby even though he took rather too much of a shine to my sweater for some reason! :-)

Audrey for her part was pretty well behaved. The excitement of the day kept her from having a nap until mid afternoon, so she did get kind of cranky at one stage before passing out with a bottle of milk inside the aquarium section of the zoo.

We headed home after supper (we want that corn muffin recipe please Carla!) which allowed Audrey to fall asleep on the way home - except she didn't until about ten minutes from our doorstep - but she was pretty good for the whole journey back. All in all we had a wonderful day...hopefully Carla and Garry feel the same way.

I have to admit that occasionally I look down my Blogchums list and wonder what you guys are all like in real life. To finally meet people off that list has been a really great experience and something I'd like to do again, given the opportunity. Obviously there's always the worry that you're not going to get along with people one bit so perhaps there's an argument for keeping things "virtual" as well, but my general feeling is that people gravitate towards others for a reason - that might be because of similar interests, although I find that to be less true with many of you as you have many different tastes and interests to mine - maybe it's more to do with an outlook or perspective on life that we're attuned or can relate to.

I can't really put my finger on it, but whatever it is, it's nice.

I'll leave you with some animal pics from the Chester Zoo!

Glad you had a nice time with Garry and Carla - I've known Garry for over 10 years and Carla since she joined him in the UK, and they are two of the warmest people I know!

I'm meeting one of my IRC chums for the first time in Moscow next Friday and I must admit I'm pretty nervous about it, like you were. I'm sure after a couple of vodkas it'll be fine!

Last time I went to Chester Zoo I was about 7, I remember there being a young elephant called Jubilee born in 1977, is he still there?

Hopefully Jamie and I will get to meet you guys someday... when you are on this side of the pond. :)

Ann - Hope it all goes well in Moscow. I'd be excited (maybe not nervous) just to be there, let alone meeting new people there. I don't recall an elephant called Jubilee to be honest...I noticed one called Maya but thats about it.

Deb - Yes, we can play a REAL game of Scrabble! LOL!
So glad you guys had a nice time, we had a great time and were left wishing the day could have been longer. Was I really the only one of us singing 'monorail' (from the Simpsons) as we went round the zoo? I guess so... ;-)

I'll make sure C passes on the recipe for the cornbread muffins - they are good aren't they! ;-)

A shame J isn't really old enough to appreciate the zoo but no doubt we'll go again at some point - it's pretty close after all. I did notice Martha left a very Canadian distance from us when I was driving... Although that could have just been 'stay away from the nutter!'

Ann - *blush*, thanks for the compliment. We think you're pretty special too.

G&M - wish we could have met a long time before we actually did. You guys will have to give us your number for when you're over in the great white north.

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