Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Crime Caper HNT

Just before last weeks HNT I blogged about the Union Jack and Britishness. Maybe in some subconscious way thats why I homed in on this movie poster for today's HNT.

I love this film. It's quirky, funny, thrilling and quintessentially British. How could it not be when it stars Michael Caine, Noel Coward and Benny Hill - oh and MINI's! As a former Mini owner there is a real feeling of pride when you see them pull off the massive gold bullion robbery and outrun the Italian police in their puny little Fiat's.

Point of interest - the scenes where the Mini's race down the sewer pipes were filmed in Coventry in a brand new (and at that stage unfinished) sewerage system for the city.

And before anyone asks, I haven't seen the remake - I'm told it's not THAT bad, but I really don't want to spoil a good thing. The original is just too good and I can't believe for a second that a NEW Mini (BMW devil spawn that it is) could even come close to achieving the same effect.

So Happy HNT and it only remains for me to say one further thing:-

"You're only supposed to blow the bloody doors off!"

Yup I love the original too! Watched it just the other day! Cheers and Happy HNT!
The remake wasn't too bad, but let me tell you, your remake of the poster is really much better! Happy HNT!
OOh! that makes me want a mini!! (classic or new!!)

They are both so cute.

And I hope you guys are archiving these someplace - they are a lot of fun!

i wana fire engine red mini cabriolet. then again i want charlize theron's legs to go with it :p HHNT
Wow, was that ever a British HNT lol Good job as always M!
I second what mark said...

usually original is best (as in this movie) but I do like your poster better
Have to say I've never seen it.. I'll have to check into it... Great hnt :)
You are just THE best. Love it!
It's a brilliant film and a brilliant HNT poster!
YOu should totally do a gallery of all your HNT posters, they are all really good. And the Chief Techy behind it (aka Martha) must be really talented. I'm jealous :)
ooh my favourite film and my favourite line!

fabulous. good job martha and you too gabby of course.

happy hnt guys*
Hi Gabby, I'm supporting the British flag today too.

Happy HNT ;)
ooohh! I love this movie!
Oh! One of my very favorite movies!!!! Great Job once again Gabby!
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